Three outdoor activities to pair with geocaching

Geocaching is a great outdoor activity on its own, but it can also be a fun add-on to other outdoor activities too. With this month’s Out and About challenge for Wheel of Challenges, you might be trying to get outside to geocache more days than usual. Pair your geocaching outings with other outdoor activities to maximize your fun and earn new souvenirs. To get you started, we’re highlighting three outdoor activities that pair perfectly with geocaching.

Spice up your hike by picking one that has geocaches hidden on the trail, turning a plain old hike into a fun-seeking expedition! If there’s a chance you won’t have internet connection in the area where your hike is, Premium members can save caches to an offline List to navigate off the grid with the app.

If you are passionate about getting out on the water, try adding geocaching to kayaking. You can pick a geocache at a destination you can kayak to, or you can even pick an underwater or floating geocache that is only reachable by a boat. To find these types of caches, search for caches on the Geocaching® mobile app or website and filter for the attributes “Boat required” or “Scuba gear required.”

Let the path for your next bicycle ride turn into the path to your next geocaching find. Plan your route based on where interesting geocaches are and watch your find count and souvenir count increase as you pedal your way from cache to cache. Another great option is to plan your route based on the Locations of an Adventure. The different Locations of an Adventure naturally sketch out a route to follow and will add the spirit of exploration to your ride.

What outdoor activities do you like to pair with geocaching? Share in the comments!

Genevieve is a Marketing Manager at Geocaching HQ.