Adventure Lab® Spotlight: Muerte en Caesaraugusta

This week’s Adventure Lab® Spotlight, Muerte en Caesaraugusta, turns the clock all the way back to the year 65 AD and transports explorers to the ancient Roman Empire. As you explore Roman ruins in Zaragoza, Spain, you’ll take on the role of a detective looking for information about the mysterious death of a local duumvir, the Latin word for magistrate. This Adventure is perfect for anyone who loves puzzles and mysteries, or enjoys getting swept up in the history of ancient empires. Continue reading →

Adventure Lab® Spotlight: Bayocean – Lost Resort Town

With the Adventure, Bayocean – Lost Resort Town, explorers discover the hidden history of a small strip of land on the Pacific coast. If you were to walk around Bayocean today, it’s hard to imagine a community ever inhabited it. The Adventure reveals that there was once a whole resort town there, advertised to be the “Queen of Oregon Resorts” and “the playground of millionaires,” which existed for a few decades before it fell into the sea piece by piece.
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Adventure Lab® Spotlight: A Bygone Era – Parktown

Take a trip back in time for a glimpse of 20th century Johannesburg with this month’s spotlight on the Adventure, A Bygone Era – Parktown. The Locations of this Adventure, all tucked away on one road in the Parktown neighborhood, bring explorers to different stately homes from the early 20th century, whose architecture and design have earned them status as official heritage sites. Read on and get swept up in the elegance of these historical homes.
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Adventure Lab Spotlight: The Kootenay River Dams and Power Stations

Discover the natural beauty of British Columbia in Canada and awe-inspiring achievements of engineering as we explore The Kootenay River Dams and Power Stations. This Adventure takes explorers to five different dams and power stations between Nelson and Castlegar, British Columbia. Whether you’re interested in seeing beautiful sights or learning more about how flowing water provides power to millions of homes, this Adventure does not disappoint. Continue reading →

Adventure Lab Spotlight: A Track Through the City

All aboard! The Adventure “A Track Through the City” takes explorers along what’s left of the Singapore-Kranji railway line. The railway line was a vital line of public transportation in the early 1900s, but was dismantled in the 1930s because of traffic and safety concerns. Follow the tracks and discover hidden history on a walk taking you through Chinatown to the Tanjong Pagar district of Singapore. Continue reading →