Adventure Lab® Spotlight: “THE LOST SYMBOL”

The Adventure, “THE LOST SYMBOL”, in Washington D.C. takes explorers on a journey to discover and learn about different historic locations in the capital city of the United States. Inspired by the novel The Lost Symbol by The Da Vinci Code author Dan Brown, the Adventure highlights places that have important clues in the novel’s mystery. Follow in the footsteps of the story’s main character, renowned symbologist Robert Langdon, as you visit sites and answer questions for each Location.

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Adventure Lab® Spotlight: Beethoven in Bonn

This edition of Adventure Lab® Spotlight takes a musical turn with the Adventure, Beethoven in Bonn. Located in Bonn, Germany, Ludwig Van Beethoven’s birthplace, this ten-stage Adventure takes explorers on a tour that highlights the composer’s formative years. Geocachers created this Adventure as part of the Project Beethoven Mega Event in Bonn Germany in February 2020. The Event celebrated not only geocaching, but also the 250th birthday of Beethoven. Continue reading →

Adventure Lab® Spotlight: Le polder Sebastopol

The island of Noirmoutier sits just off the coast of Brittany in northwest France. It is known for fine sand beaches, prized local salt and shellfish, and plants and animals that thrive in its wet and marshy terrain. Le polder Sebastopol, an Adventure in the island town of Barbatre, focuses on the natural landscape as it guides adventurers through a nature preserve on land reclaimed from the Atlantic Ocean. Put on your rubber boots and get ready to explore this special place. Continue reading →

Adventure Lab® Spotlight: Śladami S. Wyspiańskiego / following S. Wyspiański

In this edition of Adventure Lab® Spotlight, explore a city by following the footsteps of one of its famous past residents. In the Adventure, Śladami S. Wyspiańskiego / following S. Wyspiański, you will see a different side of the Polish city of Krakow as you visit five sites that were important in the life of the celebrated writer and painter Stanisław Wyspiański. If you’re artistically inclined, you might want to bring a sketchpad with you on the outing in case you are struck by the same inspiration that led Wyspianski to create paintings that now hang in the National Museum in Krakow. Continue reading →

Adventure Lab® Spotlight: Fukagawa Gourmet Walk (TOKYO)深川グルメ散歩

Fukagawa is a historic neighborhood in eastern Tokyo with a lot to offer. Travelers could spend a whole day there seeing impressive temples, visiting a museum about Japan’s Edo period, walking through spacious public parks, and enjoying views of the Sumida River. However, our focus today is the inexpensive and delicious food that you might enjoy in between sightseeing activities as part of the Adventure, Fukagawa Gourmet Walk (TOKYO)深川グルメ散歩. Continue reading →