Downhill Strand Dragonstone

Geocaching Game of Thrones: The Real Westeros. Guest blog by Sarah Murphy aka The Geocaching Junkie

Written by Sarah Murphy aka The Geocaching Junkie

Fans of the HBO series Game of Thrones will be familiar with the fictional setting of Westeros, but did you know that many of the filming locations used for the cold and icy north are in Northern Ireland? We’re warned that ‘winter is coming’ and that’s certainly true on the Emerald Isle when a warm, sunny day is often followed by a stormy, wintery one. However the changeable weather is probably not what attracted Game of Thrones producers to Northern Ireland; the breathtaking landscapes and magical ruins were a much more likely draw.

There are lots of great geocaches placed near filming locations so you can do your own Game of Thrones caching tour. Here are some of the highlights:

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Tiny island of San Paulo

The Sanctuary of Monteisola — Geocache of the Week

by fasusi
Lombardia, Italy
N 45° 42.117 E 010° 05.351
The Sanctuary of Monteisola GCVTP2
The Sanctuary of Monteisola GCVTP2

Normally, one must take a ferry to find the remote geocache, “The Sanctuary of Monteisola” in Lombardia, Italy. Then, one must hike for an hour uphill, passing small hamlets along the way with century-old churches filled with frescoes and statues. The views are spectacular, glorious, and oh-so-romantic.

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Jumanji—Geocache of the Week

by The Knight Templar
Noord-Brabant, Netherlands
N 51° 40.910′ E 005° 38.757′

“In the Jungle you must wait, until the dice read 5 or 8.”

Deep in the untamed wilderness of the Netherlands exists a legendary geocache. The 21 stages of this Multi-cache bring you through the game of Jumanji. Ward off giant wasps, escape from pesky monkeys, and play the game as you journey towards the Final stage — an official Jumanji game board.

Do you dare to take the bait, to learn your geocaching fate?

Disclaimer: Imagination required for exotic animal sightings.


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Charles Bridge from the northwest

World’s most-logged geocache (GC189E5) is Geocache of the Week!

Geocache of the Week is the world’s most logged geocache. Any guesses?

The Original Stash Tribute Plaque? No.
The Geocaching Headquarters cache? No.
Uh… Mingo? Nope.
That cool giraffe cache in Berlin? Nein.
Brazil’s APE cache? Not even close.

Drumroll please…

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