Request a Treasure X trackable and be a part of a treasure hunt like no other

X marks the spot for a hunt like no other!

This summer, search for REAL Gold dipped treasure with one of the Treasure X heroes. Goldcrown, Gold-Fin, Goldblade, or Pharaoh Loot Loot trackables are ready for their treasure hunts, but they need your help to get started!

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Vergissmeinnicht – Geocache of the Week

by DiePastorentöchter
Niedersachsen, Germany
N 52° 28.379′ E 007° 33.964′

Cache owners are the cornerstone of geocaching and many of them spend a lot of time, energy, and money to create memorable caches for the geocaching community. Some cache owners may even rent an entire house and turn it into a Multi-Cache which everyone who visits it will never forget.

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The world wide search for Hidden Creatures continues

Once said to be folklore and myth, the legends of the desert have proven to be more than a mirage. While geocaching through a landscape of sand, harsh sunlight, and tumbleweed, you will have to look sharp to find evidence of the creatures in the desert. There is still time to confirm a sighting of the regal Sphinx, the legendary Gryphon, and the elusive Phoenix!

Now until July 25, travel to the ends of the Earth to confirm sightings of the 13 Hidden Creatures. Find geocaches or attend events to earn souvenirs of the Hidden Creatures!

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Rolex watch lost 20 years ago recovered by geocacher (and it still works!)

A Rolex watch was found in Southern California by a geocacher 20 years after being lost
A Rolex watch was found in Southern California by a geocacher 20 years after being lost

This guest post is written by Southern California geocacher, snowyisland.

One sunny Saturday in Southern California, geocacher snowyisland went on a moderate hike to get some fresh air and log a few caches. In addition to the geocaches, she found one incredible piece of SWAG; a Rolex watch, twenty years after it was lost by the original owner. Here’s her story:

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Discover the creatures of the oceans

Centuries of exploring uncharted waters resulted in legends describing fantastic creatures, almost too strange to be true. Though the ocean may be vast, there’s still time to search for the giant Kraken, the elusive Hippocamp, and the mysterious Mermaid. Now it’s your turn to confirm the tales!

Now through July 25, find geocaches or attend events to find Hidden Creatures earning up to 13 new souvenirs.

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