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A peek into a secret cache building society: Interview with cache owner CacheDweeb

Dog and dog's best friend, CacheDweeb
Dog and dog’s best friend, CacheDweeb

Did you know there are groups of gadget cache builders who slave away, day after day, week after week, huddled deep inside cluttered garages, endlessly tinkering with magnets, locks, pulleys, springs, clasps, and other such bric-a-brac? They do this for you, to put a smile on your face, and in turn, an even bigger smile on their own.

Meet one such clever cache creator, CacheDweeb. His claw-machine, drawer-popping, and sound-enhanced DONKEY KACHE was featured as a Geocache of the Week. We ask a few questions, get a few answers, and learn the method behind the madness of this master cache owner.

Geocache of the Week: DONKEY CACHE
Geocache of the Week: DONKEY CACHE

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DONKEY KACHE Geocache of the Week

DONKEY KACHE — Geocache of the Week

by CacheDweeb
Massachusetts, United States
N 42° 06.581′ W 072° 04.198’35
DONKEY KACHE Geocache of the Week
DONKEY KACHE Geocache of the Week

Oh yeah, geocachers — it’s on like Donkey Kong!

We’re taking it back to old skool like an old fool with a Geocache of the Week that combines the retro-arcade fun of Donkey Kong with another, like, totally rad hobby: geocaching!

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Geocaching country focus: Czechia

All over the world, geocaching is leading people to places they’ve never adventured to before. To celebrate how geocaching is played differently all around the world, we’ll pick a country from time to time and share some interesting geocaching facts. Today, we focus on a location with geocaching history: Czechia.

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Parlons un peu plus encore de la qualité des géocaches

Un peu plus tôt dans l’année, nous vous avons convié au lancement d’un échange de la communauté sur la qualité des géocaches. Des projets passés tels que le Score de Santé des Géocaches et l’introduction des Récompenses Virtuelles avaient pour but d’encourager et de récompenser les caches de grande qualité. Avant de songer à de nouveaux projets, nous souhaitions avoir votre point de vue et vos idées.

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Lasst uns noch ein wenig über die Qualität von Geocaches reden

Vor einiger Zeit haben wir Euch zu einer Diskussion über die Qualität von Geocaches eingeladen. Mit Projekten in der Vergangenheit wie dem Geocache Gesundheitscheck und der Einführung der Virtual Rewards wollten wir eine hohe Cachequalität fördern und belohnen. Bevor wir neue Projekte angehen, wollten wir Eure Rückmeldung und Eure Ideen hören.

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