Trackable Tales—Megan’s Geo-Diary

Trackables are common in the geocaching world, but it’s not every day that you come across a trackable with a story as remarkable as Megan’s Geo-Diary, TB14KFJ. When Meggie-Mae was in second grade, her mom, Cache-n-Kerry, and step-dad, Hockeyhick, helped her release her first Travel Bug®. Little did she know, this trackable was destined for an adventure like no other!

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Cache Hiding Themes—January: books and libraries

You shared, and we listened!

We received a library’s-worth of submissions for 2024’s first cache hiding theme. We asked you to share your favorite book and library-themed caches for January, and you showed up with some “novel” hides!

Though we’d love to share all the submissions, we’d end up with an entire book instead of a blog post, and our editors said the world wasn’t ready for that yet. So instead, we picked a few of our favorites!

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Adventure Lab Spotlight: The Kootenay River Dams and Power Stations

Discover the natural beauty of British Columbia in Canada and awe-inspiring achievements of engineering as we explore The Kootenay River Dams and Power Stations. This Adventure takes explorers to five different dams and power stations between Nelson and Castlegar, British Columbia. Whether you’re interested in seeing beautiful sights or learning more about how flowing water provides power to millions of homes, this Adventure does not disappoint. Continue reading →