Watch the New Video: 6 Souvenirs. 5 Geocaching HQ’ers. 24 Hours.


We did it in 24 hours. You can do it in 1 week.

The Geocaching Road Trip ‘15 ends in about a week and a half (September 2), but you still have plenty of time to earn all six new souvenirs. You could wait all the way until the last 24 hours if you really wanted to—and we’ll prove it. Without further ado:

You can meet the HQ’ers and read their live tweets in this blog post.


Inside HQ: Take a Tour of the New Message Center


Connecting with Geocachers is Now Easier than Ever

After a few months of testing, getting feedback from the geocaching community and making changes, the brand new Message Center is no longer in beta. With this new feature, you can send and receive messages from and the Geocaching Intro app.

Watch this short video, featuring two Geocaching HQ developers who worked on the project, to learn a little bit more about what went into the new Message Center.

Since first releasing Message Center beta, we’ve added a few things and tweaked a few others based on your feedback including:

  • Email notifications now display the content of the message that triggered the notification .
  • You can contact another player just by clicking the link on their profile or you can access their profile by clicking a player’s avatar image from the Message Center.
  • The envelope icon in the header now updates every 15 seconds to alert you that you have updated conversations.
  • You can contact a geocache owner directly from the geocache page. The GC code and name will be automatically inserted into the message.

And don’t worry – improvements to the Message Center won’t stop here. We’ll continue to improve the Message Center based on your feedback.

Check out the new Message Center now.


Direkt aus dem Geocaching-Hauptquartier: Eine Führung durch das neue Nachrichten-Center

Es war noch nie so einfach, andere Geocacher zu kontaktieren.

Nach einer mehrmonatigen Testphase, vielen Rückmeldungen aus der Geocaching-Gemeinschaft und etlichen Änderungen, hat das neue Nachrichten-Center das Betatest-Stadium verlassen. Mit dieser neuen Funktion kannst Du Mitteilungen über und die Geocaching-Intro-App verschicken und empfangen.

Schau Dir das kurze Video mit zwei Entwicklern aus dem Geocaching-Hauptquartier an, um mehr über den Hintergrund des neuen Nachrichten-Centers zu erfahren.

Probiere das neue Nachrichten-Center jetzt aus.

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Erarbeite Dir jetzt Dein nächstes Geocaching-Road-Trip-‘15-Souvenir!


Nimm an einem Geocaching-Event teil!

Dein nächstes Geocaching-Road-Trip-‘15-Souvenir wartet auf Dich. Alles, was Du tun musst, um das “Triff Deine Road-Trip-Kumpel”-Souvenir zu erhalten, ist, vor dem 3. September an einem Event teilzunehmen. Dabei kann es sich um ein reguläres Event, ein MEGA oder sogar ein CITO-Event handeln.

Suche jetzt nach Events in Deiner Nähe.

Sieh Dir alle anderen Geocaching-Road-Trip-‘15-Souvenirs an, die Du erhalten kannst. Während Du das Event besuchst, vergiss nicht, die tollste Begebenheit oder einfach nur ein nettes Foto mit dem Hashtag #Geocaching15 zu versehen und auf Instagram zu posten, um mit etwas Glück hier mit aufzutauchen.

Send in your geocaching films!


Get your cameras rolling! The last day to send in your film for the Geocaching International Film Festival (GIFF) is almost here. The deadline for all film submissions is July 1. Need inspiration? Watch this collection of clips from the films that have been submitted so far.

Before you send in your film, be sure to read all of the rules and guidelines. For tips on making a great film, check out this blog post. When you’re ready, send in your film here.

If your film is selected as a finalist, it will be screened at the GIFF Event (GC5K6WQ) on August 14, the day before Block Party, near Geocaching HQ in Seattle, WA. Speaking of Block Party—don’t forget to book your tickets and register for the last Block Party ever. Come visit Seattle and meet folks from Geocaching HQ as well as other geocachers from around the world. We’ll see you there!

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