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Last Call: GIFF Videos Due July 1st

When you log a geocache, do you secretly practice your movie star autograph? Well, here’s your chance to put all that practice to good use. At this year’s Geocaching Block Party, we’re going to showcase geocacher stardom with the second annual Geocaching International Film Festival.

General Rules

  • Films can be in any family-friendly genre: narrative, documentary, music video, animation, experimental, etc…
  • If you are “spoiling” a geocache in any way in your film, you must have geocache owner permission.
  • Film length must not exceed 4 minutes (including credits)
  • Only 2 submissions per person will be accepted. A separate submission form is required for each entry.
  • Non-English language films are encouraged, but must be subtitled in English
  • No submission fee
  • Finalists will be selected to screen at the second annual Geocaching International Film Festival from 8pm–10pm on August 15, 2014.
  • Awards will be announced directly following the screening. You do not need to be present to win an award. A single film can win more than one award.
  • Submission deadline: July 1, 2014

Think you have what it takes to be a geocaching star? Read these 5 tips for getting your film into GIFF. Then, submit your film.


2014 Geocaching International Film Festival Call for Entries


Your vision of geocaching cannot be contained by a simple Facebook photo, Tweet or even a mighty blog post. Nay, we say, your vision deserves much more. You need to tell your geocaching story through the majesty of a short video. Ready your geocaching muse. The Geocaching International Film Festival (GIFF) wants your vision of the adventure of geocaching to take flight in video on the big screen this summer in Seattle. It all happens the night before the Geocaching Block Party, which you should also attend.

Enter your four minute video in any family-friendly genre: narrative, documentary, music video, animation, experimental, etc… Hurry up, the deadline for submissions is July 1, 2014. To show you what it takes, and to enter, we have just what you need: A short film.


France’s First GeoTour

estuaire du Payre

Are you ready to participate in one of the first GeoTours in continental Europe? Do you want to discover a territory in a fun and unique way?  The Southwest Vendéen GeoTour might just be your next geocaching destination. Thanks to 150 new GeoTour geocaches you’re able to discover the region through a dozen geocaching loops.

You’ll discover the watery wonder of the Marais Poitevin, the Côte de Lumière, the countryside, lakes, rivers, cultural and historical heritage. The circuits are designed to be made on foot along a loop and some are designed for biking.

Join the teams that will participate in the inauguration of the GeoTour during the long weekend of the Ascension, on the 29th May through to the 1st of June. Keep your eyes on the global GeoTour directory to see the new pin appear on the map. No fewer than six events are spread over four days to discover this little corner of paradise.

Want to see a little more? Visit the YouTube channel of ExploCacheurs, follow them on Twitter @explocacheurs and Facebook.

A special commemorative Geocoin will be in play for the first visitors finishing the circuits.


Geocaching Travel Bug “WeeHawk” Predicts Football’s Biggest Game?

Weehawk sits just a few miles from Met Life Stadium
Weehawk sits just a few miles from Met Life Stadium

UPDATE 2/5/2014: Geocaching Travel bug Weehawk made it to the MetLife Stadium to witness the Seahawks win the 2014 Super Bowl. Geocacher and Seahawks fan Bogey53 picked up the smallest 12th man and took it along to celebrate the first SuperBowl win for Seattle’s football team. Here is the proof:

Geocaching Travel Bug at the MetLife Stadium during the Super Bowl XLVIII.
Geocaching Travel Bug at the MetLife Stadium during the Super Bowl XLVIII.

A Geocaching Travel Bug might just be the key to winning it all for a major sports team. Skeptical? Don’t try telling Swanny6416 their fiery little world traveler didn’t help propel the Seattle Seahawks to football’s biggest game. The family of four die-hard Seahawks fans launched Weehawk in August. The Travel Bug’s mission was simple.

Swanny6416, or Shawn and Criselda as their non-geocaching friends know them, say, “On August 17, 2013, we sent Weehawk on his journey to Super Bowl XLVIII in New York. He was placed in a cache location in Federal Way (near Seattle) in hopes of eventually finding his way to the big game where he would meet the team. We had high hopes that Weehawk would work his way across the country but figured it would be a long shot, at best, for him to make it through hostile territory since a lot of “enemy” NFL team fans live between us and New York.”

Geocachers will move Travel Bugs from geocache to geocache closer to it’s goal.

Weehawk traveled as far as Indonesia before returning its mission to make it to the big game
Weehawk traveled as far as Indonesia before returning its mission to make it to the big game

But as the Seattle Seahawks won football game after football game, their small Travel Bug mascot named Weehawk drifted farther and farther from New York.

The geocachers say, “On December 27th, Weehawk was picked up in Hawaii and the following message was sent: ‘Well, I guess the little one had his vacation in Hawaii — quite far from its goal. Luckily, I am in a position to help it along towards its destination, with however quite a big detour…’ Even though the odds of Weehawk returning to New York were seemingly insurmountable, we had every expectation that he would succeed, just like our beloved Seattle Seahawks journey through the playoffs.”

Weehawk abroad in a faraway geocache
Weehawk abroad in a faraway geocache in Indonesia

Fate, in the form of motivated geocachers, would intervene. Weehawk was now far, far, and yet another “far” away from New York. The Travel Bug wondered to Indonesia to begin 2014. But the geocachers who launched Weehawk, believe the Travel Bug would be crucial in helping to the Seahawks make it to New York for the big game.

The Travel Bug was taken from a geocache in Indonesia by a geocacher. Weehawk landed in a New York geocache just miles from Met Life Stadium, where football’s biggest game will be played this Sunday.

Shawn and Criselda say, “He was then taken to New York City on January 19th and dropped off a mere 15.8 miles from Met Life Stadium! This was the same day that the Seahawks beat the San Francisco 49ers for the right to go to the big game!” Coincidence? The Swanny6416’s don’t think so either.

Weehawk lives here
New York geocache site. Weehawk lives here

But it’s not close enough. They say, “Weehawk is waiting for a [Seattle Seahawk’s fan] to pick him up and take him to the game. He is currently at Van Cortlandt Park, Bronx, NY hiding near some granite pillars that were to be used in the construction of Grand Central Station!  We’re hoping by sharing our story with you, you can share our story, and maybe another fan can get him to the game.”

So many questions. Will Weekhawk’s appearance at the game ensure a Seattle Seahawks win? Are you going to the game? Will you make this Travel Bug’s dream come true?  Answer them all in comments below.

Still want more? Watch the TV news story about Weehawk’s adventure.




The Creator of EarthCaching talks about the 10th Anniversary


gary 1
EarthCache I, Australia

Editor’s Note: Gary, Geoaware, placed the very first EarthCache on this date in 2004. Today there are more than 17,000 EarthCaches around the globe from the peaks of mountains to the desert floor. This is Gary’s story of that first EarthCache.

Gary aka "Geoaware"
Gary aka “Geoaware”

By Gary, Geoaware: Ten years ago I was a lucky guy in the right place at the right time. The Geological Society of America (GSA) had just employed me to work on education and outreach programs, a GSA member mentioned the new game of geocaching to my boss, and I was on holiday here with my kids looking at the rocks in Australia.

So that day we wandered around a rock platform that I had been on a thousand times before but now with a new purpose. How could I bring others here geocaching so they left learning something new about our amazing planet?  Fossils, evidence for glaciers, weathering – so much in such a short walk. This was the perfect place. And so EarthCache I GCHFT2 was born—and so was the concept of an EarthCache: a place where the Earth was the treasure. A place where you would learn about the geology of the planet while you geocached. If you have not experienced an EarthCache, its time you tried. It’s a different experience – but who would ever not enjoy learning when it’s fun!

Since then we have gone through many changes, twists and turns – always in partnership with Geocaching.com and always edging forward so that we can add to the game of geocaching as well as teaching people about our Earth. We even now have a Mega-Event held each year just for EarthCachers (GC4JD1B).

What an amazing ten years the EarthCache program has had. Since the first EarthCache was placed, four million people have visited over 17,000 EarthCaches in 165 countries around the globe. It is a truly outstanding impact to get people outside, have fun and learn about our dynamic planet all at the same time. And all of that amazing credit goes to the whole community that visits, develops and loves EarthCaches and the wonderful group of community volunteers – the ‘geoawares’ that work with EarthCache developers to get the very best EarthCache submissions published.

gary 22
EarthCache: Gullfoss (Golden Falls)

Finally, I can’t ignore the amazing support of The Geological Society of America, who sees this program as the jewel in its outreach to the wider community.

I hope you will all celebrate the amazing 10th year of EarthCaches by finding and logging an EarthCache or even joining the next 3rd International EarthCache Mega-Event!






EarthCache in Dorest, UK
EarthCache in Dorest, UK