“Richard Garriott’s Haunted Geocache” Geocaching.com’s Lost & Found Video

Geocaching pioneer and video game designer Richard Garriott, aka Lord British, pushes the envelope again with the creation of the Mystery Cache Necropolis of Britannia Manor III (GC2B034).

A resident at Necropolis of Britannia Manor III

The journey leads geocachers through what Lord British describes as eight chapters on “The Guardian’s Quest.”

Part of the graveyard at Necropolis of Britannia Manor III

The first seven chapters are waypoints or benchmarks.  The chapters are a twisted maze of cryptic clues and mind-bending puzzles.  Solving each chapter provides a clues to find and unlock the geocache at the end of the final chapter.

The treasure hunters that reach the final chapter will find a geocache with all too realistic professional movie props and haunted house techniques.  It took months to plan and build.

Garriott holds the record for the highest and lowest geocaches in existence.  Garriott rode aboard a Russian rocket to place a geocache aboard the International Space Station (GC1BE91) in 2008.  He also placed a geocache, Rainbow Hydrothermal Vents (GCG822), 2300 meters below the surface of the ocean far off the coast of Portugal in 2002. You can view a Lost & Found video about Lord British’s highest and lowest geocaches.

Lost & Found videos explore the fascinating adventure geocaching.  View more than a dozen stories, including one about an Army Sgt. who credits geocaching with helping keep him safe.

  • Monterey Company

    Oh god, this looks like so much fun!

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    It looks like à Lot of Fun!

  • Candy

    Cachers abroad (ie., not in or from Austin) are invited to contact Moosiegirl via the geocaching website if/when you are coming to Austin to do this cache. I'm happy to act as a “phone a friend”; the cache has Austin-history-centric aspects for which you might need one; I can also give you pre-trip advice on what to “study” or other local help re: accommodations, etc. … 🙂

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    Loved this video! Wish I lived closer to Texas. I guess I’ll just have to put this one on my “must do” bookmark list for that roadtrip across country I’d do one day.

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    this rocks!

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