“In mezzo agli alberi morti” GC2308M – GEOCACHE OF THE WEEK – March 5, 2012

Explore one of Italy’s architectural  treasures through geocaching. The Geocache of the Week, “In mezzo agli alberi morti” (GC2308M) leads geocachers through the heart of Bologna. geomafioso created the difficulty 3, terrain 1 Multi-Cache in 2010.

The name of the cache translates into English as, “In the midst of dead trees.” The cache owner writes that the title of the geocache becomes obvious the closer a geocacher comes to finding the geocache’s final location.

Along the cache route for "In mezzo agli alberi morti"

geomafioso writes, “I think geocaching is mainly about seeing interesting places, but sometime the process of finding the cache, and the cache itself should give that “WOW” effect to the geocacher. This is why I love creative geocaches.”

geomafioso says his greatest inspiration comes from other geocaches and going shopping, “Groundspeak forums are a nice source for creative ideas but there’s nothing like hardware stores. Since I started hiding caches, whenever I enter an hardware store I try to figure out if something can be used or transformed into a geocache. This gives me ideas for new creations.” The rewards for creative caches, like “In mezzo agli alberi morti” are Favorite Points, and seeing the logs for those who found the cache. geomafioso says, “Reading the comments and logs of enthusiast geocachers is, in my opinion, the highest reward.”

Along the cache route for "Im mezzo agli alberi morti"

One geocacher writes, “What an amazing cache! After living in Bologna for a few months, I had a pretty good idea of where to find the first stage, but was really surprised when we found it in the end. One of my favorites that I have done so far. TFTC!”

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