3 Travel Bug Travel Tips


3 Tips to Help Keep Travel Bugs on the Road

Thousands of Travel Bugs are in motion right now. They’re powered by geocachers, bounding from geocache to geocache. Travel Bugs travel in pockets, backpacks, purses and snuggle up in suitcases for long distance voyages. Sometimes though, their travels stop cold. They get stuck in couch cushions, lost in the kitchen junk drawer or simply (and sadly) forgotten.

Here are 3 tips to help Travel Bugs do what they do best: travel. First, if you find a Travel Bug® or any trackable in a geocache, you are not required to trade anything for it. But if you take it, follow some common sense trackable etiquette. It all starts by entering the tracking code here.

•    Log that you have retrieved the Travel Bug or trackable from the geocache as soon as you’re able. By logging that you’ve retrieved it, the Travel Bug owner, geocache owner and all those looking for Travel Bugs will know that this one is on the move.

•    Check the Travel Bug’s goal by going to its page. It’s as easy as typing in the tracking code. Then you can find out if it’s headed to beaches around the world, mountain tops in Austria or somewhere else. The idea is to place the Travel Bug in a geocache that will move it closer to its goal.

•    Drop the trackable in the next geocache and log that you have done so. If you need to keep the trackable for more than two weeks, please email the owner to let them know that their trackable is taking a short rest, but will be on the road again soon.

Geocachers who follow the 3 keys to Travel Bug etiquette help create the beautiful global choreography that unfolds in this Travel Bug® Travels video.

  • BobbyBeta

    Hello Eric, I couldn’t seem to find a way to contact you by email.. But I have a very important question to ask you. Would be nice if you could send a mail to bobbydot1337@gmail.com (Ignore the immature address) so that I can ask it personally.
    Thank you in advance,
    Yours truly, JB

  • Thavia

    Can you post a specific article on vehicle travel bugs. It would be great to show the different kinds of vehicle TBs so that cachers will recognize them when they see them. It would also be nice if mine was discovered at places other than events. :o)

  • DonegalThatch

    It’s annoying how many TBs go missing in America. Don’t really see the point in collectable ones. Either have collectable/swappable coins/bugs or have travelling/loggable ones.

  • Snookvis

    Also in Europe, there are alot of TBs missing.

    We sometimes have a TB in our possesion for some time (no suitable geocaches to put her back into,…). But if we have such TB’s, we always log it also as visited the caches we visiti so the owner knows we are still working with his/her TB.

    Snookvis (Belgium)

  • Di

    It is interesting that all the travel bugs we had in the USA have disappeared but all the ones that were taken to Europe have continued to travel — wonder why the difference?

  • Wolfpack93

    If possible, TB owners should try to include the goal on or with the TB itself. That would keep me from taking a TB while out caching only to find out that I can’t get it closer to its goal after getting back to a computer.

  • There are many of people prefer to keep bugs on tour. But they don’t have enough information about how to keep them on road. So, all these trips are might be helpful especially for those people.

  • sunflower909

    I have a travel bug, the original one placed in it’s first cache in March
    of 2010, that traveled over 56,000 miles before ending up back in my
    hands on September 11th. I’m retiring it and it will go with me on my future
    journeys. Look it up and note the interesting places all over the world
    it’s been — Teddy’s Travel Bug, tracking number is: 1VWWE5 (V W W)

  • judypatudy

    I think I am going to stop purchasing and placing TBs. I only have 2 out of 30 that are still traveling. When I have investigated my lost TBs I have found the common denominator is Cachers that have only been caching for a month and then stop. This has happened in the past year. I am glad that people are finding out about geocaching and enjoying it, but stop taking TBs if you are not going to move them.