Help decide the fate of rediscovered APE cache!

Late last year, we announced the exciting news of how a group of Seattle-area geocachers rescued the muggled Mission 9: Tunnel of Light APE cache. We also offered the geocaching community an opportunity to suggest ideas for what should happen next with this renowned cache.

More than 9,000 geocachers responded to our survey! After considering all feedback, we have four options for the final vote. Now it’s time for you to decide the fate of Mission 9: Tunnel of Light. The idea receiving the most votes is the one we’ll implement. Simple as that!

Here are the ballot choices:

  • Return and Reactivate: Return the container to its original location and restore it to active APE cache status. It would be loggable throughout the year, although the unarchival date is to be determined.
  • Display at HQ: Display the APE cache container at Geocaching HQ as an important artifact of the game’s history. It would not be loggable as an APE cache, but would be assigned a special tracking number that could be logged only as a trackable with a unique trackable icon.
  • Activate Once A Year: Display the APE cache container at Geocaching HQ as a trackable for most of the year, and make it loggable as an APE cache at its original location only during the week of the annual Going Ape Mega-Event in Washington.
  • Traveling Artifact: Assign a special tracking number to the APE cache container and tour it to various events around the world. (It would be loggable only as a trackable, not as an APE cache.)

A few of these options would require exceptions to Geocaching.com guidelines. For example, it’s very rare for a cache to be unarchived, especially after a long period of time. However, this is an extraordinary situation for which we feel that exceptions can be made, especially with the support of a community vote.

The voting is open until March 5, 2017. One vote per person. Visit the ballot box here and make your voice heard!

Hopelessly addicted cacher and Geocaching HQ's PR Manager.
  • JimRKY

    Mr Timmermans – Oh My God! You must have no idea of what you type! Or is it that you seek to overwhelm any views not aligned with yours by Typing Them To Death?

    Why don’t you try that “I want” exercise? You might actually be surprised. Oh! BTW – I’ve pursued business on 5 Continents and found welcome, and wishes for return, everywhere I’ve gone (I’m not the Stereotypical American).

    Type away all you want – I won;t be reading it.

  • Steven Timmermans

    Obviously you are seriously disturbed by the fact that someone actually has a different opinion than yours, what I want is not the same as what I would like to see, however since you’re so into your “I want” excercises, I will be happy to accomodate you with one: I want you to shut up!

  • Steven Timmermans

    Why is some of ya’ll have a tough time understanding what I am trying to say here? Is it you’re out to confirm some kind of stereotype or what?

  • Miro Straka

    And how many time I can put my voice in the ballot box?? You don’t have any protection against multiple voting !!

  • Anna Wendt

    Return and Reactivate.

  • Evan