Where in the world is Signal the Frog®? Canada!

As Signal continues to celebrate geocaching around the world, our favorite frog will be visiting Canada to cache like a Canadian and celebrate Canada’s 150th anniversary.

As part of the celebration, you can earn the Canada Day 2017 souvenir by hosting or attending an event on Saturday, July 1 or Sunday, July 2, 2017. We’re excited to join Canadians in celebrating their birthday this July, and we hope you’ll join us!

If you’re still not convinced, we’ll give you 10 reasons why we love Canada in hopes that you’ll be just as inspired to celebrate the land of the maple leaf.

  1. Canada has over 45 National Parks, many of which support geocaching! Psst in honor of Canada 150, admission to all National Parks are free in 2017, too!
  2. According to the 2017 World Happiness Report, Canada is the 7th happiest country in the world.
  3. Canada has the most doughnut shops in the world per capita. Maybe this is why they are so happy?
  4. There are over 230,000 active geocaches in Canada. That’s a lot of adventure!
  5. Canada is home to the only town in the world with not just one but two exclamation points in its name: Saint-Louis-du-Ha! Ha!
  6. Over 200,000 pancakes are served during the Calgary Stampede. Perfect to go with all of the pure Canadian maple syrup, after all, Quebec is the top producer of maple syrup in the world.
  7. License plates in the Northwest Territories of Canada are in the shape of a polar bear, and here at HQ, we support all things animal!
  8. The oldest cache in Canada was placed less than a month after geocaching began. GCBBA is in beautiful Nova Scotia and has over 500 Favorite points!
  9.  The world’s first UFO landing pad was built in 1967 in St. Paul, Alberta.
  10.  Canada has a physics lab located 2 kilometers underground! It is the world’s second-deepest underground lab facility—just think of all of the lab caches that could be made!

Science, nature, doughnuts, happiness, and geocaching? There’s a lot to celebrate about Canada and we are excited to join the fun!

What do you love about Canada? Share in the comments below!

  • butterfly5

    We love Canada because it is the greatest country on planet earth. It celebrates diversity, human kindness, a willingness to lend a hand when the outreach is great and a spirit of joyfulness toward life. Most important of all, we get to call Canada home and what an honour that is. A proud Canadian being thankful.

  • Isa Rheaume
  • Ted Warzecha

    What’s not to love about Geocaching in Canada 🙂 Where ever I geocache I get recognized as a cacher and Canadian not hard not too. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/bf79ee0d106ca5fb9fb98f3f3a0b257587fcf2fd87bc20a5a3932686fd8bd8b5.jpg

  • Neil L Moore

    Fresh air, dark skies at night, lots of wilderness and wildlife, lots of geocaches, friendly people (neighbors for us Michiganders), and big fish.

  • Mary Enright

    My first trip from USA to Canada was to British Columbia where I saw my first whale and many bald eagles. A few years later I visited Winnipeg and spent many fun evenings at Folk-lor-ama, the 2-week celebration of the diversity of the peoples and cultures represented in that area of Canada. Everyone was delightful and welcoming and I plan to visit that great country again.

  • brian_lang

    Might want to update your list a wee bit – Admission is Free to our National Parks only. Some Provinces still charge admission fees to their Provincial Parks.

  • Kristen

    Whoot! Whoot! One for Isa!

  • Colibris 7

    What is special and enjoy 365 days a year in Canada. Our four seasons and varied and family-related sports.
    All hiking and biking trails from one end of the country to the other.
    Lakes, rivers, woods, forests, mountains in the four corners of the country with its diverse flora and fauna are a jewel always close to towns and villages and appreciated by residents.
    And what I like most is our diversity as a people, our openness, our life of quality and peace which is always in constant improvement.

    Ce qui est spécial et apprécier 365 jours par Année au Canada. Nos quatre saisons et les sports variés et familials associés.
    Tous les sentiers pédestres et cyclables d’un bout à l’autre de l’ensemble des provinces qui forment la Canada.
    Lacs, rivières, boisées, forets, montagnes au quatre coin du pays avec sa faune et sa flore diversifier qui s’y trouvent sont un joyau toujours à proximité des villes et villages et appréciés des résidents.
    Et ce que j’aime le plus c’est nos diversités comme peuple, notre ouverture, notre vie de qualité et de paix qui est toujours en constante amélioration.

  • William Anctil


    The maple syrup (or maple anything actually)! The abundant nature, wide open spaces, it’s wilderness, it’s rich culture and history, it’s good people eh!, the food, the adventures …. that’s what I like about Canada 🙂

  • William Anctil

    nice 😉

  • Steve Luther

    Did anyone mention they have the world’s best curlers?

  • Jeanette Gash

    My first geocache in Canada was beside a frozen lake…I had never geocached in the snow before!! So much fun 🙂 Such a beautiful country and SO friendly! I love Canada!!!

  • Geocaching HQ

    Good point @isarheaume:disqus! We’ll update the post. Thanks for sharing this!

  • Gene Moser

    By a rather strange story, I’m an honorary private in 2nd Regiment, Royal Canadian Horse Artillery.