Where in the world is Signal the Frog®? Canada!

As Signal continues to celebrate geocaching around the world, our favorite frog will be visiting Canada to cache like a Canadian and celebrate Canada’s 150th anniversary.

As part of the celebration, you can earn the Canada Day 2017 souvenir by hosting or attending an event on Saturday, July 1 or Sunday, July 2, 2017. We’re excited to join Canadians in celebrating their birthday this July, and we hope you’ll join us!

If you’re still not convinced, we’ll give you 10 reasons why we love Canada in hopes that you’ll be just as inspired to celebrate the land of the maple leaf.

  1. Canada has over 45 National Parks, many of which support geocaching! Psst in honor of Canada 150, admission to all National Parks are free in 2017, too!
  2. According to the 2017 World Happiness Report, Canada is the 7th happiest country in the world.
  3. Canada has the most doughnut shops in the world per capita. Maybe this is why they are so happy?
  4. There are over 230,000 active geocaches in Canada. That’s a lot of adventure!
  5. Canada is home to the only town in the world with not just one but two exclamation points in its name: Saint-Louis-du-Ha! Ha!
  6. Over 200,000 pancakes are served during the Calgary Stampede. Perfect to go with all of the pure Canadian maple syrup, after all, Quebec is the top producer of maple syrup in the world.
  7. License plates in the Northwest Territories of Canada are in the shape of a polar bear, and here at HQ, we support all things animal!
  8. The oldest cache in Canada was placed less than a month after geocaching began. GCBBA is in beautiful Nova Scotia and has over 500 Favorite points!
  9.  The world’s first UFO landing pad was built in 1967 in St. Paul, Alberta.
  10.  Canada has a physics lab located 2 kilometers underground! It is the world’s second-deepest underground lab facility—just think of all of the lab caches that could be made!

Science, nature, doughnuts, happiness, and geocaching? There’s a lot to celebrate about Canada and we are excited to join the fun!

What do you love about Canada? Share in the comments below!