Spain’s Treasure of the Temple Knights GeoTour (GT8C)

Geocache your way to find the “Treasure of the Temple Knights” (El Tesoro de los Templarios) in the Saja and Nansa valleys of Cantabria, Spain! Launching September 2018, Spain’s very first GeoTour (GT8C) will have 148 geocaches along the Iberian peninsula hidden in tribute to the 148 treasures placed by the Order of the Temple Knights. This may be the earliest reference to history’s first geocachers! Visitors will enjoy countryside tourism and a thrilling array of responsible adventure sports over the valleys’ 1,000 km² (386 mi²) of mountain ranges, national parks, and coastal scenery.

The search for the locations of 148 caches took 4 months and was conducted with the cultural and environmental heritage of the region in mind. Among others, some locations include Sierra del Escudo, the Castle of San Vicente de la Barquera, the Roman Road of San Vicente del Monte, the GR Foramontanos theme route, and the Medieval Route that ends at the Ferrería de Cades. There are even geocaching locations designed for kids based on mythological creatures!

Great caches on this GeoTour:

  • El Capricho de Gaudi (GC7XCF1). Modernism developed in Europe at the end of the 19th century with the desire to create a new and free art, one that expressed progress. Some of them were frequently inspired by nature, as seen in some of the details in Gaudí’s most iconic work, part of the cultural heritage of the region.
  • Ramidreju (GC7XCHW). A hidden creature of Cantabria Mythology, Ramidreju are believed to inhabit the forests in the region and lives in deep holes similar to moles. They are born once every hundred years as weasel young. Their body is thin and slender with a long tail. Their whole body is protected by their striped green and black fur, similar to that of a snake. Their eyes are big and green and their snout is like a boar’s which enables them to dig underground. Legend has it that the Ramidreju possesses a treasure hunting trait, similar to geocachers!
  • King’s Castle (GC7XDH3). Revel in this 800-year-old impenetrable fortress that stands majestically on a rocky promontory. Built after the concession in 1210 by Alfonso VIII, it is flanked by the San Vicente estuary.


Find all active and temporarily disabled caches on the GeoTour to earn the unique souvenir! Fill out the tours’ passport to track your progress and receive an exclusive geocoin once you log 100 caches.

What geocachers are saying

Ruta por este valle maravilloso de La Hermida, y parada “obligada” para hacer este caché. . .Un lugar que no defrauda, y mas que recomendable; y claro, este caché pasa a Nuestros Favoritos. (The route through this wonderful valley of La Hermida, a stop is “required” for this cache. . .A place that does not disappoint, and highly recommended; and of course, this cache gets a Favorite Point.) – TOTOYOYHIL

Encontrado en familia. Recomiendo visitar este agradable lugar, qué bonito!! (Found with family. I recommend visiting this nice place, how beautiful !!) – Makutilla9

Nos adentramos en estas minas para ver las impresionantes formaciones, que junto al juego de luces que realizan, es todo un espectaculo digno de ver. (We went to these mines to see the impressive formations, which together with the play of lights they make, is a true spectacle worth seeing.) – CRPKLF25

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