Cache Carnival

Celebrate geocaching creativity and diversity around the world!

Join Cache Carnival starting March 25, 2019, and earn up to five souvenirs* inspired by historic carnival locations by collecting points on your Leaderboard (previously the Friend League) before the carnival ends on April 14, 2019.

Cache Carnival celebrates geocache creativity—collect extra points for finding highly favorited geocaches or earning a Favorite point** on a cache you own!

But that’s not all!

Geocaching would not exist without the people who channel their creativity and innovative spirit into making great experiences for others. So we’re welcoming all geocache owners (and folks who want to celebrate their favorite cache owners) to host events celebrating geocache creation to inspire the next generation of geocache makers. We’re calling these events Creation Celebrations. Anyone who logs an “Attended” at a registered Creation Celebration event will earn a sixth souvenir! Learn how to host or find a Creation Celebration event in your area.

Read more about Cache Carnival rules in the frequently asked questions.

Share your favorite caches or caching story with #cachecarnival.


*Souvenirs are virtual pieces of art that can be earned and displayed on your profile.

**Geocaching Favorite points are a simple way to track and share the geocaches that you enjoyed the most. Premium members can award Favorite points for geocaches they love.

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