Mystery at the Museum FAQ

Authorities need your help solving the biggest jewel heist in history, the Mystery at the Museum! From July 11 to August 11, get briefed on the case and find clues to track down the stolen jewels. Once you have found the jewels, return them to the vault using the hidden code changed by the thieves.

You can find answers to some of our frequently asked questions below.

Is Mystery at the Museum in the Geocaching® app?

Yes! Mystery at the Museum is available on both the iOS and Android Geocaching® apps as well as Beginning on July 11 at noon UTC, visit your profile and click on Mystery at the Museum to see your progress in the Geocaching® app, or visit your Dashboard on

I don’t see Mystery at the Museum on my phone.

You must have the latest version of the Geocaching® app (Version 8.0.0 or later) to access Mystery at the Museum on your mobile device. Visit Google Play or the App Store to update your Geocaching® app.

What are clues?

Clues are digital artifacts hidden in geocaches. Clues help you solve the Mystery at the Museum. Search for geocaches that contain the clues you are looking for and collect the clue when you log the cache beginning July 11 at noon UTC.

How do I find and collect clues?

  1. Use filters to see geocaches that contain clues.
  2. Find and log geocaches to collect the clues.
  3. Collect all the clues to learn how to access the vault.
  4. Keep track of your progress on the Mystery at the Museum page.

Note: All members (Basic and Premium) can search and filter for clues.

You can also look at cache details to see if a geocache has the clue you need.

How do I know which geocaches have clues?

You can filter for geocaches that have the clues you need by using the search filters in the Geocaching® app or on or by clicking the “Search for clues” button on the Mystery at the Museum page.

How do I collect clues?

Filter for clues to see which geocaches have the clues you need. Then find and log those geocaches to collect the clue on the Mystery at the Museum page in the Geocaching® app or on You can also look in the cache details to see if that geocache has the clue you are looking for.

Do Event Caches have clues?

Events hosted between July 11 and August 11, 2019 will all receive the detective clue.

Do Lab Caches have clues?

Lab Cache finds do not contain clues or count towards opening the vault.

Do geocaches published during Mystery at the Museum get clues?

New geocaches published between July 11 and August 11, 2019 will all receive the detective clue.

Do disabled caches have clues?

Geocaches that are disabled at the start of Mystery at the Museum and enabled during the promotion will receive the detective clue. 

If a geocache is disabled and re-enabled during the promotion, the clue will remain the same. For example, if an active geocache on July 11 has a fingerprint in it, becomes disabled for a week, and re-enabled, it will still have the fingerprint clue in it.

I changed my log and did not collect a clue. Help!

Log type changes will not award a clue. Only find and attended logs will award clues. You will not collect clues if you change a Write note or DNF to a Found it log. You will need to delete and resubmit your Found it log to be awarded the clue.

If I find geocaches that contain a clue before I unlock the level, do I still collect that clue?

You cannot collect clues that you do not qualify for. You must find the detective before you can collect evidence clues. Once the evidence has been found, you can then search for and find the jewels.

Do I have to log my finds in a specific order to collect the clues?

Clues are only awarded to your account if you have successfully unlocked the appropriate level. Please be sure to make sure the level has been unlocked before you log caches associated with more advanced levels.

How many clues are in a single geocache?

A geocache will contain only one clue type, but an unlimited number of that clue. For example, a geocache will only have the detective clue type, but any cacher that logs a find on that geocache for the first time within the promotion will collect the detective clue.

Will my friends see the same clue as me?

Yes. However, if you have already found that geocache, you will not be able to collect the clue it contains.

What happens to the clues on August 11?

The clues will be removed from all geocaches. The Mystery at the Museum page will still be available to view in the Geocaching® app and until August 26, 2019.

Do I have to log all my finds by August 11 in order to earn souvenirs for Mystery at the Museum?

There will be a 48 hour grace period to submit your drafts and logs. Make sure to log your finds and attended logs by August 14 at noon UTC to earn the souvenirs.

What are the four souvenirs I can earn during Mystery at the Museum?

  1. Briefed on the case
  2. Evidence collected
  3. Jewels recovered
  4. Case closed

How many clues do I need to find to earn each souvenir?

  1. The first souvenir, Briefed on the case, requires finding one clue in one geocache.
  2. The second souvenir, Evidence collected, requires finding six clues in six geocaches.
  3. The third souvenir, Jewels recovered, requires finding 15 clues in 15 geocaches.
  4. The fourth souvenir, Case closed, requires a bonus challenge to unlock the vault.

Can I join Mystery at the Museum at any time?

Of course! You can earn all of the souvenirs as long as you collect all of the clues by August 11.

Where can I see my souvenirs?

Souvenirs appear on your profile under the souvenir tab and also in the souvenir section in the app. For iOS users, access your souvenirs from the profile tab in the Geocaching® app. For Android users, access your souvenirs from your profile through the menu (≡) in the upper left hand corner.

What does UTC stand for?

Coordinated Universal Time (UTC) is the basis for civil time today. It is the time standard (not a time zone) commonly used across the world. Mystery at the Museum begins on July 11 at noon UTC. You can convert UTC to your local time here.

Does Mystery at the Museum incorporate the Leaderboard?

Mystery at the Museum does not incorporate the Leaderboard, but you can still use the Leaderboard to keep track of friends’ geocaching activity.