Cache Hiding Themes—March: plants and mushrooms

This month, we challenged you to go out on a limb and nominate your favorite plant and mushroom-themed geocaches.

You ‘fun-guys’ and ‘fun-gals’ delivered!

‘Lettuce’ show you just a few of the amazing caches that were nominated this month.

GC95Q2T—🍄🍄 I Puffi 🍄🍄

Image by Norma71.

Our first cache is a smurf-tastic library Letterbox Hybrid in Italy. This tiny Smurf Village features plants, mushrooms, and, of course, smurfs. Even Gargamel would have to give this cache a Favorite point!


Image by mostly_moss.

Do you like to forage for caches? Then you’ll love this Wherigo Cache! Collect digital mushrooms and avoid getting “poisoned” to reveal the coordinates of the cache container.

GC5RC12—Botanical Bouquet

Image by Marlinspikette.
Image by Lunchnumber5313847.

Ralph Waldo Emerson once said, “love is like wildflowers; it’s often found in the most unlikely places.” By that logic, love is also like a geocache. Appropriately located near a botanical garden, you’ll have to use your geosenses to locate this floral find.

GC9MCP3—So mushroom in my heart for you.

Image by Rhaegar.

Why did the geocacher bring a friend to find the T4 cache? For ‘morel’ support! This cache container looks so real it even has the slugs fooled.

GC8XCPD—We Make a Great Pair.

Speaking of difficult caches, this cache gets harder to find in summer. At least the CO gives you permission to celebrate your find with some “natural SWAG.”

GC1VAA7—Event Finistérien “Le Champignon”

Image by geotrouvetout-bzh.

If ever an Earthcache fit a hiding theme, it’s this one! This “champignon” is this month’s theme champion.

It appears these hiding themes have planted the seed of inspiration in our readers. Thank you to everyone who submitted a cache this month; your responses were beyond be‘leaf’. While we can’t feature all the nominated caches, each and every one of them was ‘tree’mendous.

Next, we want to see your colorful caches! Red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, and every color in between—April’s hiding theme is all about colors. Share your eye-catching caches by filling out this form.

Emma is a Community Coordinator at Geocaching HQ. Emma loves all things weird in the woods from ferns to fungi, bugs to slugs!