“Down the Rabbit Hole” GCXQ5C GEOCACHE OF THE WEEK – December 28, 2010

Down the Rabbit Hole (GCXQ5C)
Down the Rabbit Hole (GCXQ5C)

The treasures of New York City’s Central Park reveal themselves as geocachers search for this micro-cache.  More than 1250 geocachers have already logged a smiley on the cache, “Down the Rabbit Hole” (GCXQ5C).

The difficulty two, terrain two cache is located somewhere near a statue dedicated to the creative genius behind Alice in Wonderland.

The cache page warns, “USE STEALTH – muggles are everywhere! GPS signals are weak here but be patient the cache IS there and when in doubt read the clue!”

The cache was hidden back in 2006. The cache was originally placed by gracepap. Geocacher madm now maintains the cache and altered the cache hide from a ‘lamp post cache’ to a micro-cache.

Down the Rabbit Hole (GCXQ5C)

A hunt for this geocache offers adventurers a purposeful exploration of one of the crown jewels of New York City. One geocacher who logged this cache writes, “This is my first time in New York City ever! Central Park is an awesome sight to behold! I love this group of statues and the other monuments around the park. An easy find!”

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One Family, One Day, Geocaching in Six Countries

Geocachers Mark and Donna with their two children Steven and Beth

A family of four took the idea of the ‘road trip’ and turned a traditional drive into a fast-paced geocaching adventure. Delta68 is the husband and wife team of Mark and Donna. The couple was vacationing in Europe this September with their two teenage children Steven and Beth.

The family was all packed and set to return home to the United Kingdom when Mark made a realization. Their trip home from the Netherlands to England could yield caches in five, maybe even six, countries if they included Luxembourg. But the cache in Luxembourg was more than a hundred miles out of the way.

Mark admits that he had to do a little convincing. After some negotiating, the family launched on their treasure hunt at 7 a.m. They began logging caches in country after country. Their first cache in in the Netherlands was GC233ZX Echt-Susteren en zijn kernen (Roosteren). The family then navigated to caches in Germany and drove out of the way of their departure city in France. They turned south into Luxembourg and Belgium.

Family at their third cache in Luxembourg

They stopped for lunch in Belgium—now more than two hundred miles from Calais, France and their way back to England.

Mark says, “I checked TomTom to see how long it would take to get to Calais … 5 Hours!! I asked Steven and Beth how I was going to break it to Donna. ‘Mum! We’re five hours from Calias!’ shouted Steven. That’s solved that dilemma. :-)”

The family then drove 205 miles to log a cache in France. The long-haul set the stage to find geocaches in six countries. They just needed to return to their home in England.

Delta68 and their two children traveled back to England before the day ended. One final cache in the U.K. sealed the geocaching achievement. They family logged caches in six countries in less than 24 hours.

They set another record for a family best. Mark says, “We decided to continue straight home stopping off at GC27YDV Welcome to Warwick! just before midnight to set a new personal ‘maximum distance in a day.’

Geocaching in six countries in one day

Mark says the total distance traveled added up to 617 miles. He sums up the family’s geocaching feat as, “Certainly a memorable day.”

Read more about the family’s adventure and see all the caches that they discovered, on their blog, Delta68’s Geocaching Blog.

Groundspeak Weekly Newsletter – December 21, 2010

Groundspeak Holiday Card

The Groundspeak Lackeys want to wish you Happy Holidays with the 2010 Signal Holiday Card. Please feel free to share holiday geocaching wishes with your friends and family by passing it along. You can also share the card on YouTube.

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“Basics of Hiding a Geocache” A Geocaching.com Lost & Found Video

There are more than 1.2 million geocaches listed on Geocaching.com. Every geocache, from a micro-cache in the city to ammo can in the woods, started as a simple idea. Someone wanted to hide a geocache and challenge others to find it. Watch “Basics of Hiding a Geocache,” a Geocaching.com Lost & Found Video to learn the basics about hiding a geocache. Hear from Volunteer Reviewers around the world who’ve published tens of thousands of  geocaches.

Whether you’ve hidden geocaches for years or are thinking of hiding your first cache, their advice and tips can save you time and increase the quality of your geocache.

You should explore all the available information before submitting a cache.

Basics of hiding a geocache

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Cache Ownership: A Long-Term Relationship

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