Walk a Mile In My Geo-shoes — 15 Stories

11856783_1630921300518963_239904762_nBy Lizzie Burton

Picture yourself attending the fifth (and final) annual  Geocaching Block Party event in Seattle, WA, celebrating 15 years of this awesome game. Now, imagine the incredible culturally diverse community of people that have come from all over the world to join the party. With nearly 2.7  million geocaches worldwide, this year’s summer event is bound to be one for the books!

Now back to reality. The great thing about the vast geocaching community is not only the diverse cultures participating but also the styles, techniques, and stories while out geocaching. At Geocaching HQ, we meet thousands of people from all around the world who have traveled to Seattle with the sole purpose to visit the HQ. Geocaching would not be possible without the players, so it’s time to celebrate YOU!

Over the course of this summer’s 15 year anniversary celebration, we singled out fifteen Geocaching HQ visitors. They were asked to share their personal stories about what it’s like to walk in their geo-shoes. Here is what we found out:


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A big thank you to all those that participated and took part in the 15 years of geocaching celebrations. This is only a small snapshot of the geocaching community that visits the headquarters. With all these varying styles and great adventures, the game still continues to grow  and change.

Comment and share any lasting memories you’ve made in your geo-shoes!


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