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December’s Geocacher of the Month

Geocachers of the world, earlier this month you read about the three outstanding geocaching teams nominated for December 2014’s Geocacher of the Month award. Spanning three countries and two continents, these folks are absolutely the cream of the geocaching crop…assuming there is such a thing.

And the nominees are…


Ralph en Thomas is a geocaching duo out of the Netherlands whose creative cache hides are piling up with favorite points and include everything from beautifully crafted trackable hotels to spine-chilling night-caches.

Geocaching team Ralph en Thomas

Geocaching team Ralph en Thomas

seastar255 is a husband-and-wife team known for their above-and-beyond CITO events on the Space Coast of Florida. Their works helps keep the geocaching game board (earth) a clean and healthy place for all.

The Seastars at their favorite zone.

The Seastars at their favorite zone.

Starkiller_ geocaches out of Ontario and is an all-around awesome guy. His monthly geocaching workshops help people advance their geocaching game, and his work with local municipalities and conservation authorities has brought geocaching to places where it might not have been otherwise. 

Starkiller_, taking geocaching to new heights.

Starkiller_, taking geocaching to new heights.

The Featured Geocacher of the Month is named by a panel at Geocaching HQ, after reviewing community input and blog comments. It’s a difficult decision, giving the combined contributions of these folks to the geocaching community as a whole.

After tallying the sentiment and reading the comments, Starkiller_ has been officially named the Featured Geocacher of the Month for December 2014.



Congratulations Starkiller_ !

Starkiller_’s contributions to his local geocaching community are well-established. Blort says, “Starkiller_ takes great effort to research local history to make interesting caches that teach and inform. He has a knack of finding information that often the people next door do not even know about their area. His CITO events are always well done, complete with a catered breakfast in the woods and lots of local politicians and VIP’s in attendance. Great press coverage follows that showcasing geocaching as a very positive hobby.”

adh-yow says, “Whether it was the canoe-borne adventure associated with North Cassel, the incredible creativity of The Rocky Road or the learning opportunities he’s offered through his many South Nations Conservation caches, his time and effort to promote caching in Eastern Ontario has touched many visitors to this part of Canada. Many thanks Starkiller – you exemplify what geocaching can – and should be!”

Starkiller workshop

Did we mention that Starkiller_ hosts regular monthly workshops on different topics related to geocaching? If you’re in Eastern Ontario and you’re interesting in up-leveling your geocaching game, you’re probably going to want to find a seat at the table above. Don’t worry…there’s always room for more folks.


waxwing454 says, “Starkiller_ is a great geocaching friend and is always helpful as far as advice goes. He’s encouraged me to hold my own event which would never have happened without his support and encouragement. The monthly events which are held in small town in Eastern Ontario attracts ‘cachers from far and wide since they know that besides being able to enjoy a good meal with great caching company, will learn something valuable at the workshop.”

Starkiller_ will receive the very special Geocacher of the Month coin and a special prize package from Geocaching HQ, in recognition of his efforts.

Send your kudos to Starkiller_ and our other December Geocacher of the Month Nominees. They’ve made the hobby we love a little more fun. :)


The earned, never for sale, Geocacher of the Month Geocoin

The earned, never for sale, Geocacher of the Month Geocoin


10 Tips for The Coolest Geocaching at the Coldest Temperatures

GCV3AH Georgia on my mind in Georgia, Eurasia, by GPearl

GCV3AH Georgia on my mind in Georgia, Eurasia, by GPearl

What’s a little snow when you’re determined to up your find count? When the temps go down, it’s time for you to get up and get caching. Here are 10 tips for geocaching in a winter wonderland:

1. Safety first

Always tell someone where you are going and when you plan to return. Take a friend (or two) with you, because safety truly does come in numbers.

Be safe and dress in layers for optimal fun! GC4P57G - Oakridge GeoTour #30 - Salt Creek Snow Play Area

Be safe and dress in layers for optimal fun! GC4P57G – Oakridge GeoTour #30 – Salt Creek Snow Play Area

2. Dress for success

Dress in layers for optimal comfort. Your base layer should wick moisture away from your body, an insulating layer should keep you warm, and your outer shell should protect you from the elements. Waterproof boots and gloves are mandatory since you’ll be “digging” snow away. Lastly, listen to your mother and wear a hat – it’s cold outside!

3. Go the distance…

If you can walk, you can snowshoe. Get yourself a pair and learn how to put them on properly to fully enjoy your journey.


4. …but know your limits:

You’ll get cold, tired, and numb. The cold weather can make a quarter mile feel like ten, and you’ll exhaust easier. Not to mention it gets dark earlier in the winter. Be alright with turning around sooner rather than later and grabbing the geocache another day.

5. Extra juice

Bring backup batteries for your GPS device. Cold weather causes batteries to drain faster than in warm weather.

6. BYOPencil

Pencils work in any temperature, but pens can freeze up when it’s cold. Make sure you can sign that log!

BYOPencil so you can sign that log!

BYOPencil so you can sign that log!

7. Can it be done?

Has this cache been found since the last time it snowed, or should this one wait until the spring thaw?


Brings Tools of the Trade such as a small shovel for snow, and a screwdriver to pry open frozen containers. But be careful – plastic containers can crack easily in cold temperatures.

The right tools and equipment are essential

The right tools and equipment are essential

9. Winter Attribute

If you’re a Premium Member, run a Pocket Query for geocaches that have an “Available During Winter” attribute.

10. Walk on water

Some geocaches can only be accessed after a lake freezes over in the winter.  How’s that for a new challenge?

GC54PT8 mäyrämäki - A snowy cache in Finland

GC54PT8 mäyrämäki – A snowy cache in Finland


If snowmageddon is just too overbearing, cozy up with a mug of hot cocoa by the fire and solve some Puzzle Caches. Or, you can always wait until spring to start your streak all over… Again. ;-)

Thanks to the Blue Mountain Rest  - New York Adirondacks for this great pic and loving geocachers.

Thanks to the Blue Mountain Rest – New York Adirondacks for this great pic and for loving geocachers.

Need some extra inspiration? Check out our Winter Geocaching Pinterest Board. Make sure to share your tips for winter geocaching in the comments below!


Premium Members: Get a Sneak Peek at the New Advanced Search


Geocaching Premium members are the rockstars of geocaching. Without you, we wouldn’t be here. So right now, you can help fuel the future of geocaching. One of the upcoming features is something that has been asked for by the geocaching community: a new and improved Advanced Search. It’s been completely retooled, revamped and streamlined based on geocaching community feedback. Now you’ll be able to find the exact adventure you want, easier.

Make sure you’re subscribed to the Geocaching Tips and Tricks emails to receive your invite to test this new tool. If you’re not sure, visit your Email Preferences and make sure the box next to “Tips and Tricks” is checked. The Geocaching Premium member sneak peek invite email is scheduled to be sent to you on or before this Thursday, January 29.

(Hier kannst Du den Artikel auf Deutsch lesen)

Premium-Mitglieder: Wirf einen ersten Blick auf die neue erweiterte Suche


Geocaching Premium-Mitglieder sind die Rockstars der Geocaching-Szene. Ohne Euch würde es uns hier nicht geben. Heute kannst Du mit dafür sorgen, dass Geocaching eine strahlende Zukunft hat. Eine unserer neuen Funktionen baut auf dem Feedback der Geocaching-Community auf: eine neue und verbesserte erweiterte Suche. Sie wurde mit völlig neuen Tools ausgestattet, überarbeitet und optimiert. Jetzt kannst du dein gewünschtes Abenteuer einfacher finden.

Stelle sicher, dass Du die E-Mails mit den Tipps und Tricks abonniert hast, um eine Einladung zum Testen dieses neuen Tools zu erhalten. Falls Du nicht sicher bist, navigiere zu Deinen E-Mail-Einstellungen und stelle sicher, dass das Kontrollkästchen neben “Tipps und Tricks” aktiviert ist.

Die E-Mail mit der ‘Erweiterte Suche’-Einladung wird vor dem 29. Januar an Premium-Mitglieder gesendet.

Join the Geocaching Global Cleanup Called CITO


CITO Weekend is April 25 and 26

CITO weekend will be here before you know it. In case you haven’t heard, CITO stands for Cache In Trash Out. It’s the geocacher’s approach to keeping our game board (i.e. the entire planet) in great shape. On the weekend of April 25 and 26, geocachers around the globe will gather together, pick up trash, remove invasive species, repair trails and more—plus earn a pretty sweet new souvenir.

Pick up a CITO Event Kit from Shop Geocaching and start planning your CITO weekend event now. All events must be submitted at least two weeks prior to the event date—but earlier is always better. Check out the CITO FAQ to learn more. You can also see a list of CITO events already happening around you.

Head over to the Geocaching Facebook page and let us know what your CITO 2015 plans are. Happy Geocaching!

(Hier kannst Du den Artikel auf Deutsch lesen)

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