The lost treasure of Mary Hyde awaits

You must work alone this week August 7 to August 13, to collect 25 gold coins individually on the Friend League and earn the final map piece souvenir! Earn extra gold coins for finding geocaches with high difficulty or terrain rating. If you earn map pieces one through four, the lost treasure will soon be yours…

From August 7 to August 16 only, we’re opening up all D and T ratings for Traditionals (excluding Premium only) in the Geocaching® app to all members!

Week 4 point values:

  • Find and log a geocache = 5 gold coins.
  • Find and log a geocache with 10 or more Favorite points = 7 gold coins.
  • When logging any geocache, earn double gold coins (points) for the D and T rating.
  • Attend any event cache = 15 gold coins.
  • Retrieve a trackable from a cache = 3 gold coins.
  • Drop a trackable into a cache = 4 gold coins.

Before you go off to earn your next souvenir, be sure to log the caches you found last week from both far and near! Log your finds by Tuesday in order to receive last week’s third map piece souvenir.

The Friend League will refresh every Monday at 5am (PST), Noon (UTC). This week’s souvenir will be awarded to your profile on Wednesday, August 16, 2017.

Still scratching your skull? Head on over to the frequently asked questions to learn more.

Find the last piece!

  • Janet Tozer

    Hi, MH week 4. How difficult is “difficult” and how high is “terrain”?

  • Christian Brunner

    Its pretty simple. The D/T rating is x2 in Coins.
    So if you log a cache with D=2 and T=2 you receive 13 Gold Coins. (5 for the Cache, 8 for the D/T Rating)

  • Limax

    So a 1/1 is worth 5 points, and a 1/2 is worth 6? I know from last week that points aren’t cumulative.

  • torchie4269

    So does this mean that even a 1D/1T cache would be worth 9 points? (5 for the cache + 2 (1D x 2) + 2 (1T x 2))

    That means the average 1.5/1.5 cache is worth 11 points. So you really only need two or maybe three caches to complete this challenge, unless their calculations are something else. I guess I’ll do a couple and see how they add up.

  • torchie4269

    Update: it was as I figured. I got a 1.5/1.5 and got 11 points for it. Five for the cache and three each for the difficulty and terrain.

  • torchie4269

    Those would be worth nine and ten points.

  • Limax

    Last week, a multicache with ten favorite points was only worth 10 points, not 17. So have they changed the rules this week, being inconsistent with every other week?

  • torchie4269

    They’ve had different scoring each week to emphasize different aspects of caching.

  • Limax

    Yes they have, but they’ve never been cumulative before.

  • Garry Glendown

    Being cumulative, a single cache with a 2/2 or higher plus two TB dropped and retrieved will already get you over the 25 … easy to do …

  • MushroomSwag

    I thought I had to find 5 caches, when in reality I had to find 3. What a relief.

  • Dietmar Möller

    ….unfortunally im curious about rating…..my wife bluesundem and me DM2 , had a found on 23.07. GC76W74, a Multi with more than 10 FP, but we didn’t get any gold coins….did we made a mistake ????

  • torchie4269

    This is just a different kind of counting, because it’s counting the difficulty and terrain separately, which it must. A cache with 10 or more favorite points will be worth 7, not 12, this week, so it’s not cumulative in that case.

    I think they’ve been a little sloppy with their terminology, but they’ve been consistent in the actual execution. Notice how this time they’ve said:

    Find and log a geocache = 5 gold coins.
    Find and log a geocache with 10 or more Favorite points = 7 gold coins.

    Whereas a few weeks ago they said:

    Found it +5
    Found a geocache with 10 or more favorites +10

    That made it look like they would both add separately.

  • Ma Pa

    I never figured most of it out, as the explanations have been really confusing, and this one is just as bad. especially about hoow to calculate the points for the rating. So we have simply relied on the 5 points per cache that we find individually and had no problem

  • Dira McClintock

    Well that’s clear as mud. I think Mary Hyde has had too much grog.

  • torchie4269

    Yeah, I mean for anyone who caches regularly these are easy goals anyway.

  • philipp57

    Hello, can you tell me why I had no memory(souvenir) number 3 while the team had more than 400 golden coins.

  • torchie4269

    They’re giving out the week three souvenirs today.

  • Jabolio

    Hmm, seems as though I have no gold coins… I have a dozen or so finds during Aug 7-Aug 13, but because they were logged before Monday, I don’t get credit?

  • L-saurus

    If you only just looked at the league board then ignore it, it reset on Monday and the scores showing now are not part of the mary hyde quest. If you logged before Monday then you would receive your souviner today

  • Rod Barta

    Has anyone found the hidden word in the treasure chest souvenir? It’s got me stumped.

  • Guido Beckers

    Dear Brigitte,
    I might need your help. Several friends are asking why they didn`t got an eMail yet concerning the extra free trackable code. I received the email with the extra free trackable code including the activation code and already activated this one. What a fun.
    But can you explain to me, or show me the link where this theme has been discussed, why are still a few cacher without any email from HQ and all those cachers fullfilled the total Mary Hyde challenge.

    Thanks for your answers and looking forward to those.

  • Roger Watkin

    Guido, did you get a reply to this? cheers, Roger/Rogerw1nz

  • Guido Beckers

    Not yet

  • Jonathan Bowers

    I was wondering the same thing.