How to hide a geocache

You’ve found geocaches that delighted you, but have you thought about hiding your own? Hiding a geocache is a big step in the life of a geocacher. Having a geocache of your own takes work but it’s rewarding! While placing a geocache may seem hard, we break it down into three basic steps.

Why hide a geocache?

Geocaching is all about adventure, exploration, and discovery! Hiding just one quality geocache can bring delight to many people. It helps connect you to a community of millions all from a single set of coordinates. Plus, it’s pretty rewarding to watch the Found it logs roll in! 

It will be easier to determine what a great cache hide is, if you have found a variety of geocaches yourself. Start your hiding journey by finding geocaches and pay attention to what you liked or disliked about your caching experience. Take this learning to hide a great cache and follow the steps below!

Hide a geocache in three steps:

1. Choose where you want to place your geocache

Do you have a special location more people should see? A place with history that others don’t know about? Hide a geocache in a unique location to create a moment of joy for millions of geocachers around the world!

2. Decide what and how you want to hide it

There’s a difference between finding a good geocache and finding a geocache that makes your jaw drop, racks up the Favorite points, and inspires geocachers around the world. Get inspired by the Geocache of the Week and read these seven tips! But at a minimum, make sure the container is waterproof and can withstand natural forces like wind and rain, and there is an empty logbook in the cache.

3. Submit your geocache for publication and wait for the FTF!

After you submit your geocache following the hiding guidelines and while you await the first logs on your newly published cache (it won’t be long!), begin to think about a maintenance plan. As the owner of a geocache, you are responsible for keeping your cache in good shape. Afterall, you know your cache better than anyone else!

Hiders around the world:

362,411 Geocache Owners

188,817 Logs per day (on average)

33,686 New caches per month (on average)   

Ready to hide your own? 

Visit the Create a geocache page to get started!

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