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New country souvenir, Peru, with Geocache of the Week: Letterbox-Peru: Salkantay Pass!

Letterbox Hybrid
by enaus
S 13° 20.816 W 072° 33.756
New country souvenir, Peru, with Geocache of the Week: Letterbox-Peru: Salkantay Pass!
New country souvenir, Peru, with Geocache of the Week: Letterbox-Peru: Salkantay Pass!

Today we release our newest country/regional souvenir, Peru! If you have found a geocache in Peru, you automatically receive the souvenir on your profile

Peru is known as a megadiverse country that includes lush jungles, alpine highlands, glacial peaks, dramatic beaches, and arid deserts. Home of Vinicunca Mountain, Lake Titicaca, and of course, Machu Picchu. If you’re looking for an off-the-beaten-path way to get to the Lost City of the Incas, try this Geocache of the Week, titled “Letterbox-Peru: Salkantay Pass”. Just a hop, skip, and a 4,600 meter (15,000 foot) jump and you’re there! Continue reading →

Geocaching in Malaysia

Confirmed Geocaching souvenir moments for 2019

Geocaching in New Zealand
Geocaching in New Zealand

“A goal without a plan is just a wish.”
— Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

Many geocachers love to explore the world, plan ahead, and achieve caching goals. One of the more common questions we get asked is “When is [insert recurring geocaching moment] this year?” This year, we’re letting people know the dates for annual events, well ahead of time. So cachers, this may be the year that you finally decide to attend an Event Cache or even, *GASP!* host your own!

Additionally, we will run several promotions in the coming year (similar to Planetary Pursuit and Hidden Creatures) that we’re not quite ready to announce yet. Make sure to follow the Geocaching blog, Facebook, Twitter, and newsletter (sign up here) for more information as we roll out those geo-moments.

The confirmed souvenir moments for 2019 are: Continue reading →

Geocaching country souvenir: Cyprus

Cyprus Geocaching country souvenir
Cyprus Geocaching country souvenir

Cyprus is the third largest and most populous island country in the Mediterranean. At 9,251 km² (3,572 mi²) and over 1.1 million inhabitants, the country is full of a vibrant culture with a rich past spanning over 10,000 years. One moment you might be exploring the glorious rocky coastline, the next you may find yourself surrounded by an archaeological site filled with historical intrigue. Here are three facts to pique your interest:

  • Famed for its spectacular beaches, the crystal clear Cypriot waters are designated among the cleanest in the world thanks to the work of the Cyprus Marine Environment Protection Association. The temperature of the open sea ranges from 16° (60° F) during the coolest months and climbs to 27° C (80° F) in August.
  • Cyprus is one of only four European countries that drive on the left side of the road. The other three are the United Kingdom, Ireland, and Malta.
  • With so much magic in the air, it’s little wonder that Aphrodite, Ancient Greek Goddess of Love and Beauty, is famed to have risen from the shores of the island’s west coast.

If you get lost exploring the 1,100+ active caches in Cyprus, here are three to set your sails in the right direction:

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Chile Geocaching llama

Geocaching country souvenir: Chile

Chile Geocaching country souvenir
Chile Geocaching country souvenir

Stretched along the western edge of South America lies Chile, a country spanning over 4,620 km (2647 mi) from north to south and taking the claim of the longest country in the world. Here are some other spicy facts about Chile:

  • Chile is the location of the driest place on Earth. Some parts of the Atacama desert have never received a single drop of rain, and the desert is quite possibly the oldest on Earth—it’s been around for about three million years!
  • Chile is one of the only countries whose government funds UFO research. It’s also one of the best places in the southern hemisphere for astronomers since northern Chile can have over 300 cloudless nights a year.
  • Chile also has amazing biodiversity. Native animals range from penguins to flamingos, and from pumas to chinchillas. It’s also home to the world’s smallest deer, the pudú, which weighs in at a tiny 6.4 to 13.4 kg (14 to 30 lbs).

Among the nearly 1,000 currently active caches in Chile are: Continue reading →

Five geocaching country souvenirs 2018

Five new Geocaching country souvenirs for 2018


Συγχαρητήρια! Tebrikler!
مبروك !

As of today, you can earn five new Geocaching country souvenirs! Souvenirs are virtual pieces of art discovered and displayed on your Geocaching public profile.

All this week on the Geocaching blog, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram pages, we’ll highlight each country and offer caching suggestions. Without further ado, here are the newest Geocaching country souvenirs: Continue reading →