7 Ways to #GetOutdoors for a Souvenir

On Saturday, June 11, 2016, anyone can earn the Get Outdoors Day souvenir! To do so, find any geocache or attend any geocaching event.

With over 2.5 million geocaches hidden around the world, you’ll have to make some choices. And choices are hard! To help, here are 7 ways to combine geocaching with another outdoor activity!
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Reach new geocaching heights!

Given that my college alma mater’s mascot is a bird (albeit a mythical onethe Jayhawk), perhaps it’s no surprise that some of my favorite geocaches are ones that get me in the air. I love climbing caches!

Climbing for a cache in Florida

Some climbing caches are more accessible than others. Those that require ropes, harnesses and other gear can be fantastic, but may be beyond the reach of non-technical climbers. However, geocaches in trees are often suitable for a wide variety of ages and abilities. So what makes for a great tree climbing geocache experience?

  • The right tree: It should be sturdy enough for an adult to climb. If the limbs are too thin, it can be hazardous for the geocacher and the tree. (Never damage a tree or other wildlife while attempting to find a geocache.)
  • The right equipment: Even if you don’t need ropes or harnesses, you must wear the correct footwear and other apparel. Flip-flops are a no-no!
  • The right day: Don’t attempt to climb in wet, icy or otherwise dangerous conditions. And be sure to bring a friend. Not just to keep an eye on you, but to take great pictures!
Climbing in Iowa

Tree climbing geocaches are a blast. For me, it’s a combination of adrenaline rush and natural beauty that’s hard to beat. Just last week, I was signing a log and thought, “What a spectacular view!” followed quickly by, “Okay, now how exactly am I gonna get down from here?” On that note, I can’t stress enough the importance of safety in your pursuit. If at any point you feel you’re taking an unnecessary risk, just stop and return to terra firma.

Ascending in Nebraska

I could talk all day about my personal favorite tree climbing experiences, but just a few that come to mind are “Bird House” (Fort Myers, FL) and Free Bird (Parkville, MO). Sadly, my tree climbing experience doesn’t yet extend beyond North America. But I hope to change that someday.

Have you ever climbed high for a smiley?

Namib Desert, Namibia GC14W63

11 stunning EarthCaches and how to find them

Namib Desert, Namibia GC14W63
Namib Desert, Namibia GC14W63

EarthCaching is the magical combination of geocaching and geological discovery.

EarthCaches are meant to teach geocachers about particular (and typically jaw-dropping) geological features. EarthCaches do not contain physical containers like most geocaches. They do, however, carry a piece of geological history that can date back millions and millions of years… which is certainly a treasure of sorts.

How to Find an EarthCache

  • Customize your geocache search. Select Filters to see advanced search options. Under Geocache Types, select EarthCache only.
  • Premium Members can search for EarthCaches using the Geocaching® app.
  • Navigate to the posted coordinates of the EarthCache site. Bring a camera since EarthCaches tend to be photogenic!
  • Once at the EarthCache site, take in the scenery, the geological marvels or oddities, and read the cache description. The cache owner will likely ask you to answer some questions about the site. You can email the cache owner or use the Message Center to send answers to the required questions.

Now that you know how to find an EarthCache, check out these 11 stunning EarthCache locations to add to your geocaching bucket list. 

 1. GC111XM in Pamukkale, Turkey

Pamukkale, Turkey GC111XM
Pamukkale, Turkey GC111XM


2. GC20010 at Lake Baikal, Russia

Lake Baikal, Russia GC20010
Lake Baikal, Russia GC20010


3. GC14W63 in Namib Desert, Namibia

Namib Desert, Namibia GC14W63
Namib Desert, Namibia GC14W63


4.  GC25643 at the Blue Lagoon, Iceland

Bláa lónið - Blue lagoon - Blaue Lagunem, Iceland GC25643
Bláa lónið – Blue lagoon – Blaue Lagunem, Iceland GC25643


5. GC11A56 at Jellyfish Lake, Ongeim’l Tketau, in Palau

Jellyfish Lake - Ongeim'l Tketau, Palau GC11A56
Jellyfish Lake – Ongeim’l Tketau, Palau GC11A56


6. GC2PFGZ at Iguazu Falls, Argentina

Fallas do Iguaçu / IGUAZU Fault, Argentina GC2PFGZ
Fallas do Iguaçu / IGUAZU Fault, Argentina GC2PFGZ


7. GC4CNMG in Western Australia

Kooling off in Karijini, Australia GC4CNMG
Kooling off in Karijini, Australia GC4CNMG


8. GC13D90 near Monsanto, Portugal

Cruziana [Penha Garcia], Portugal GC13D90
Cruziana [Penha Garcia], Portugal GC13D90

9. GCPCPX in Northern Ireland

The Giant's Causeway Earthcache, Ireland GCPCPX
The Giant’s Causeway Earthcache, Ireland GCPCPX


10. GC23HNZ near Darvaza, Turkmenistan

The Door to Hell, Turkmenistan, GC23HNZ
The Door to Hell, Turkmenistan, GC23HNZ


11. GC1JY47 at Grand Prismatic Hot Spring, Wyoming

Rainbow's End: Grand Prismatic Spring, Wyoming, GC1JY47
Rainbow’s End: Grand Prismatic Spring, Wyoming, GC1JY47


Which EarthCaches are on your bucket list?



CITO 2015: A Resounding Success!

pablo (1)




That’s how many geocachers around the world collected garbage, restored natural areas, and worked on community improvement projects last weekend.


If each person picked up one 5 lb bag of trash, that’s over 40 metric tons of garbage. That’s (approximately) 7.4 elephants, or 7 elephants and two cows. C’mon geocachers–Give yourselves a round of applause!

CITO souvenir

Each of these geocachers earned the CITO 2015 souvenir, which celebrates the thousands of geocachers who care for the geocaching game board—also known as planet Earth. On International Cache In, Trash Out Weekend geocachers around the world hosted and participated in Cache In, Trash Out events in their area. Events might be focused on litter clean-up, removal of invasive species, revegetation efforts, or building trails. The environmental impact of these efforts is felt tangibly by communities across the globe.

Janelle CITO

We’ve seen hundreds of photos from CITO events around the world. One attendee from each of the following two events will receive a special prize package from Geocaching HQ, for sharing their “Attended” log with us!

CITO in France
GC5P590 – CITO Hent ar Pennglaouig


GC5MGFB – Buns, Boats and Bin Bags 2015


How do you pronounce the acronym, CITO? Let us know!


Share your CITO Weekend 2015 pictures, stories, and accomplishments!


Happy Earth Day, Geocachers!

There has never been a better day to care for the geocaching game board (our planet!) than today — regardless of whether you live somewhere that celebrates Earth Day.



Take a moment to think about the most beautiful place you’ve ever gone geocaching. Got it? Now consider: will that place continue to exist without the efforts of people who care for it? How can you be one of those people?

The answer may depend on the space you thought of and your situation in life. But here are six suggestions to jump-start your contributions this week…and beyond.

1. Sign up for a CITO event this weekend.

Not only is attending a Cache In, Trash Out (CITO) event a great way to give back to our planet, if you attend one this weekend you’ll also earn a souvenir for your geocaching profile. Find a CITO event near you. 

2. Find an EarthCache near you.

“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world,” said Nelson Mandela. What better way to heed his words than by finding an EarthCache and learning something new about a geological “cache” the earth has stored.

3. Do some human-powered caching.

If you normally drive a car when you go geocaching, think about how you could change things up to lower your ‘caching carbon footprint. Are there geocaches within walking or biking distance that you haven’t found? Maybe it’s time to figure out the public transit system and use it to find some city ‘caches. Think about finding some geocachers in your area and carpooling with them on geocaching trips!



4. Resolve to change a habit.

If New Year’s Eve is the night to kick off a new personal health habit, then Earth Day should be the day that kicks off a habit that helps you be a better environmental guardian. Perhaps this means taking half the time to shower as you normally do, or considering the environmental impact of the production of the food you eat and making some changes.

5. Retrieve your archived caches.

This one’s a must. Maybe you archived your cache a few months back and haven’t had “a chance” to pick it up yet. Put away the guilt and GO PICK IT UP!

6. Go outside.

When’s a good time to go outside? After you’ve finished reading the last word of this article. Seriously. The more time you spend outdoors, the more you’ll understand why it’s important to care for our natural spaces. Invite a friend, the kids, or the dog for a walk. Breathe in and out. Ready, set, GO.

Happy Earth Day everybody!