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FAQ: Your New Geocaching Account Settings

Screen Shot 2014-10-13 at 10.37.40 AMHow do I access my Account Settings?

See that gear icon in the upper right corner? Click it! You will be magically transported to the new and improved Account Settings tabs page.

What happened to my avatar/profile photo?

To make life just a little bit simpler, we’ve combined the Avatar and Profile images into one image (to rule them all, ahem) that will display universally across In other words, your current Avatar image will become the one image displayed on and will be referred to as “Profile Image.” Going forward, we will not store images other than the current Profile image. This means that when you upload a new image as your Profile photo, the previous image will no longer be saved on

Where did all my stored Profile/Avatar images go?

Profile/Avatar images stored prior to the Account Settings redesign will be available via the link next to your current Profile image. We suggest that you download these images from as we may discontinue storing them in the future.

How can I display larger images on my Profile now that the Profile image only supports smaller sizes?

You can add larger images to your Bio box, located under the Profile Information tab. You will need to use HTML and use <img> tags. Example: <img src=”[Insert image URL]“>

Where should information like my name, address, and occupation go, now that it’s removed from the new Account Settings page?

To make Account Settings as easy to use as possible, we’re going for simplicity. You are still welcome to display your name, address, occupation, and whatever else you like on your Profile (as long as it’s appropriate of course!). You can do so in the Bio box.

Where can I customize my experience to my location and language?

Under the Preferences tab, you can select your preferred language, time zone, and distance units. We’ve added many more time zones and date format options so you can localize your geocaching experience wherever you are in the world. Note: We removed the Daylight Savings Time checkbox, as the time zones now automatically account for this.

How can I edit my publicly displayed statistics?

Great question. You will now be able to edit statistics as they appear on your Public Profile directly from

What happened to List Newest in [state]?

Our Account Settings page no longer supports this feature. We are working hard to improve other features on the website that will be able to serve up this information more efficiently. In the meantime, you can go to the Advanced Search page, select “By Country/Province”, and then select the country and province of interest to you. You can bookmark the results to have easy access to the same search. Link to Advanced Search:

Why can’t I see my GPS listed anymore?

We have not updated the “Your GPS” section for quite some time. If you would like to see reviews about a GPS or smartphone, there are many other websites out there that specialize in providing this content.

How do I add friends on

You will still be able to add/remove/view friends from the “View Your Friends” link on and “Your Friends” located under “Quick View”

Can I update my Account information from my mobile device?

Shucks, we’re glad you asked. And the answer is: YES! The Account Settings tabs page was designed to look great in a mobile browser.

I don’t want to see other players’ profile images in geocache logs. How do I turn them off?

Under the Preferences tab, you will need to uncheck the box “Show other geocachers’ profile images in logs.”

Other noteworthy changes:

  • Basic members can now change their Forum title
  • Removed Online Presence and Instant Messenger
  • Removed Forum Signature and Profile previews
  • Removed ability to toggle off Recently Viewed Caches

View in German.


Night Caching: It’s not just for Vampires anymore


Lurking in the shadows of night is a different kind of geocache.


Sounds spooky, right? Don’t worry, it’s just a friendly Night Cache. These geocaches are the same geocaches you know and love—except they can only be found at night. Some Night Caches use reflectors, while others use glow-in-the-dark ink and require a UV flashlight.

For those of us in the Northern Hemisphere, the shorter days of winter are a perfect time to learn all about geocaching at night. There also happen to be several Mega-Events around the world, like this upcoming event in Sweden, that are dedicated to Night Caching.

See Night Caching at its best on the Geocaching Pinterest page, and check out cool Night Caching gear on Shop Geocaching.

pinterest 1 pinterest 2 pinterest 3




The Ice King’s palace. — Eisriesenwelt – Giant Ice World (GC18G08) — Geocache of the Week

Among the ice giants. Photo by geocacher boro0470

Among the ice giants. Photo by geocacher boro0470

Geocache Name:

Eisriesenwelt – Giant Ice World (GC18G08)


Difficulty/Terrain Rating:



Why this is the Geocache of the Week:

EarthCaches not only bring us to amazing places, they also teach us about the processes that shape our planet. If you’re looking for an especially ‘cool’ EarthCache to find and earn your International EarthCache Day Souvenir on October 12, the ice caves near Salzburg, Austria should be high on your list. These caves even made Buzzfeed’s list of “19 Surreal Caves You Won’t Actually Believe Exist“. But beware: This EarthCache isn’t for the faint of heart. Geocachers must climb 134 meters worth of stairs and endure below-freezing temperatures. One look at the photos though and you can see that earning this smiley is worth it.


What geocachers are saying:

“This cave really is an amazing experience – but warm clothing is really required. Luckily we came prepared  One of the advantages by arriving early is that you will be passing the clouds on your way up, and at the cave you are above the clouds. Looking just like from an airplane  On the way down (take the panorama route down!) the clouds had dissipated and the most amazing view lay open for us! Thanks for placing a cache at the amazing location” – msi911

“Spectacular caves. Highly recommended visit. TFTC” – robib

“Since we are camping in this area of Austria, this wonder of nature can not be missed. What a great visit.” – JapieD



Don't forget to bring a jacket. Photo by geocacher boro0470

Don’t forget to bring a jacket. Photo by geocacher boro0470

Standing among the ice formations. Photo by geocacher Dj FvM

Standing among the ice formations. Photo by geocacher Dj FvM

The entrance to the caves from below. Photo by geocacher geonauten

The entrance to the caves from below. Photo by geocacher geonauten

What’s your favorite EarthCache? Tell us and post photos in the comments.


Continue to explore some of the most engaging geocaches around the globe. Check out all the Geocaches of the Week on the Geocaching blog.

If you would like to nominate a Geocache of the Week, just fill out this form. Thanks!

2 Steps to Help Keep Your Travel Bug Traveling

2 Steps to Prep Your Travel Bug® for Its Journey


Everyone is doing the Travel Bug® 2-Step. Here’s how. It begins a bit like dropping your kid off at school for the first time. He may cry and stomp his feet, refuse to walk into the classroom, but in the end you know he’ll make it through just fine. Your Travel Bug is much the same. It might be difficult to part, but because you’ve taken the two key steps to ensuring his journey is successful you know you’ll see him again (online):

1. Seal the Travel Bug in a small plastic bag to prevent damage from moisture.

No matter how cute that little toy might once have been, if it’s icky now most people will take a pass. Nobody likes picking up a dirtied, smelly Travel Bug…queue the Ziploc. Some Travel Bugs are even sent off with provisions: sewing kits, an extra key chain, or superglue. You decide what goes in your Travel Bug’s luggage.

2. Include a note with a description of your Bug’s goal

Put yourself in the place of a first-time geocacher. You probably know slightly more about rocket science than about trackable etiquette. As a trackable owner, it’s difficult to fault a newbie for accidentally moving your Bug in the opposite direction it wants to go…but you can certainly prevent it! Make it clear that your Travel Bug wants to visit every country in Europe with a monarchy by writing this clearly on a note. Not only will this ensure that your TB isn’t accidentally brought to Fiji, it will also introduce new geocachers to the idea of Travel Bug goals, so they look out for them in the future.


Geocachers who do the Travel Bug Two-Step help create the beautiful global choreography that unfolds in this Travel Bug® Travels video.

Can’t get enough of Travel Bugs? Read more about how you can help keep others’ TBs on the road: 3 Travel Bug Travel Tips

Mia San Giga 2014

By Andrea Hofer

On August 16, 2014, the world’s first Geocaching Giga Event took place. Annie, Andrea, Raine and Annika traveled from Geocaching headquarters in Seattle to the Bavarian capital of Munich to witness this historic moment. Below is a trip report in the Lackey’s own words:

The first-ever Giga was a blast! In geocaching terms, Giga means 5,000+ participants, but Mia San Giga 2014 had well over 8,000 participants!

A Giga would not be complete with a whole weekend of mega entertainment. The night before the giga, we attended the “ochsenessen,” where a whole ox was roasted on a spit in true Bavarian style. This was a chance to sit down and chat about local ‘caching customs. We learned that German cachers refer to each other using “Du” instead of “Sie” (both meaning “You.”) Normally “Du” is reserved for family, extremely close friends and sports teammates. This is an example of the instant community geocaching creates.

Photo Credit: rejuch

Roasting Ox- Photo Credit: “rejuch”


Photo Credit: rejuch

Delicious!- Photo Credit: “Rony90″

Saturday was the big event! The doors opened at the Munich Olympic Stadium and hundreds of visitors to our shared lackey/volunteer booth started flowing in. We enjoyed the wide selection of options available from vendors, including geocaching socks, Geocoins, and T5 gear. The food stalls, beer garden, and stage also provided constant entertainment. Particularly fun were the bavarian-themed games for kids of all ages including a stein lifting contest, a “cow” milking contest, and a coaster toss (the target was a barrel.) All the while geocachers ziplined overhead across the stadium and toured the rooftops of this architectural marvel.

Geocaching HQ Crew

Geocaching HQ Crew

Event Grounds-Photo Credit: vossis 71

Event Grounds- Photo Credit: “vossis 71″

On Sunday we rounded out the weekend with a great finale at the breakfast event in the festive hall of the famous Munich Hofbräuhaus. Together with hundreds of cachers we enjoyed a beer and white sausages for breakfast followed by a tour of the most interesting places in Munich thanks to 30 lab caches.

Sunday Meal

Sunday Meal

City Walks

City Views

We would like to thank all the friendly geocachers from all over the world for the fun, the insights, and the opportunity to participate in the geocaching community. A special thank you goes to the giga organizers and all the volunteers for their hard work in creating such a smoothly running and memorable experience.


Want more? This video immerses you in the experience (and it’s only 3 minutes!)

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