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Photo caption: the official Scrabble Dictionary including the word Geocache can now be found in stores throughout North America

One simple question spin up into a first in the world of Scrabble. It all started when long time geocacher Roy Alexander, RCA777 was playing a game of Scrabble with a friend. He asked whether they would accept the word “geocache” in the game if it were played. They said, no. But Roy wasn’t about to take no for an answer.

At the time the word geocache was considered unplayable because it was not yet an official word in the Scrabble Dictionary. Roy jumped at the opportunity when he saw Hasbro announce the #ScrabbleWordShowDown contest on the Hasbro Game Night Facebook page. On March 12th, 2014, RCA77 suggested the word geocache to Hasbro.

“I posted a screenshot of my suggestion in geocaching groups on Facebook – and the response was remarkable. Geocachers spread the word and supported the cause; things snowballed very quickly. Hasbro announced that GEOCACHE had made it to list of the final 16 words.” said RCA777.

“Geocache” quickly beat out the competition and moved up the charts to the final round knocking out the word “zen”. It was officially announced as the winner on April 10th, 2014, landing it’s appearance in the Official Scrabble Dictionary later that year.

Due to the interest from the fanatic geocaching community, Geocaching HQ reached out to Scrabble to create a partnership. Hasbro had 800 trackable tags made and distributed at the 2014 Geocaching Block Party in Seattle. Copies of the new dictionary were also given away as prizes to lucky geocachers. The tags were hot items and geocachers couldn’t wait to get their hands on them!

Photo of two lucky geocachers who won the Scrabble board game and Scrabble Dictionary at the 2014 Geocaching Block Party

Photo of two lucky geocachers who won the Scrabble board game and Scrabble Dictionary at the 2014 Geocaching Block Party


“I was very happy when GEOCACHE beat the word BITCOIN; I was thrilled when GEOCACHE trounced COSPLAY… I cannot put into words (!) how ecstatic I was when ZEN took second place and GEOCACHE won the prize.

Everywhere I went, there was a Scrabble and GEOCACHE story – CNN, Good Morning America, CBC here in Canada… everywhere!” RCA777

Have you spotted a Scrabble Trackable in the wild?

Have you spotted a Scrabble Trackable in the wild?

The Scrabble success story isn’t the only example of a geocacher who combined their favorite hobbies. That’s what happened when Geocaching HQ heard about the popularity of Airstream RV’s with the Geocachers who love to explore and camp along the way.

Geocachers have been known to travel long distances in their RV’s for the perfect story worthy geocaching moment. Airstream and Geocaching were a perfect fit.

When we asked longtime Geocacher and Airstream enthusiast, FluteFace, about her favorite hobbies she said, “When we’re on a trip in the Airstream, geocaching is almost always involved. Most geocachers cache when they travel – what better way to travel than in an Airstream.”

During the Summer of 2014 Airstream and Geocaching HQ worked together to create 2,000 Trackables tags to be passed out at Geocaching events across the United States. Geocachers swarmed the events closest to their home location in the hopes of receiving an Airstream tag.

FluteFace parks her Airstream for the night near one of her favorite caches GC3VN6Y - Buttermilk, placed at what probably is a historical building (of sorts) and may be why the area is called Buttermilk.

FluteFace parks her Airstream for the night near one of her favorite caches GC3VN6Y – Buttermilk, placed at what probably is a historical building (of sorts) and may be why the area is called Buttermilk.

Nancy aka “yukionna” hosted the event Silver Bullet Launch Party in New Hampshire where her newly renovated 1964 Airstream Bambi II trailer made an appearance.

My husband, Brian, and I have owned Airstream trailers since 2002 and we started geocaching in 2008.  One of our favorite things to do is to travel in our Airstream while geocaching along the way.  Each summer we plan a couple of camping adventures to different destinations which include finding interesting caches during our trip.  When I saw the promotion last year between Airstream and Groundspeak, it was a dream come true for me and I wanted to become involved.” – yukionna


With ten geocacher appreciation events and over 750 attendees geocachers were literally happy campers. What hobbies do you think would be a geocaching match made in heaven?

Group photo from the Silver Bullet geocaching event in front of the renovateda 1964 Airstream Bambi II trailer

Group photo from the Silver Bullet geocaching event in front of the renovateda 1964 Airstream Bambi II trailer



A Geocaching Life in Pictures – Farogdatter – Celebrating 15 Years of Geocaching in 15 Pictures

Editor’s Note:  Geocaching HQ holds an all company meeting once a month. The 80 folks from HQ discuss all things geocaching. The meeting changes each month. But there’s one constant. Every meeting starts with a geocaching community story. A Geocaching Life in Pictures is the story we shared in our meeting today. 

15 years blog image 1

Kristian and Maja, a father and daughter team from Denmark share their #Geocaching15 story in 15 pictures. In 2004, Kristian thought of an innovative way to connect with his growing daughter. He found geocaching by reading an article while waiting in the doctor’s office. Eleven years later the duo is known as Farogdatten and have collected more than 3,000 finds. Maja has grown from a 13-year-old to owning a house near her parents.

Kristian says they still geocache together from time to time. But one note he wrote to her teachers years ago helps explain their adventure.

I took her out of school two days, to prolong a weekend, but wrote a note to the teachers, that I would guarantee for her learning history, math, language and gymnastics on our geocaching trip. They had never before had an honest note like this and I am told the note was pinned at the teachers wall for a long time.


#Geocaching15 in 15 – Farogdatter



For Maja’s  confirmation in 2005 she asked for one gift that would mean the most to her: a dog. She then named her dog CITO.

Maja with CITO the dog thinking about trackables

Maja with CITO the dog thinking about trackables

CITO the dog upon hearing someone did not pickup trash while geocaching

CITO the dog upon hearing someone did not pickup trash while geocaching


Kristian says geocaching still inspires and unites his family, “Well – the most important lesson, we learned, is, that it is still surprising, that geocaching can bring us new surprises.”

Farogdatten geocoin

Farogdatten geocoin – 2007

Celebrate 15 years of Geocaching by sharing your #Geocaching15 pictures and stories with us on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram – and leave your favorite #Geocaching15 stories here on the blog in comments.

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Share your story and we might just send you one of these Geocaching car flags for your #Geocaching15 road trip


High energy! — Fission around the bend (GC1NGRD) — Geocache of the Week


The geocache (with its updated badge).

The geocache (with its updated badge).

Geocache Name:

Fission around the bend (GC1NGRD)

Difficulty/Terrain Rating:


Why this is the Geocache of the Week:

Most geocachers love a good gadget cache and this geocache is a perfect example. These types of geocaches highlight the creativity and ingenuity of the geocaching community. Forests and other places where the gadget box won’t be mistaken for a real piece of equipment are great places for gadget caches. Many of these geocaches, while they may seem technologically advanced or difficult to create, were built by people with no prior experience. Thanks to the internet, you can learn simple engineering, programming and even woodworking. We won’t give it away, but when this geocache reveals itself, it’s utterly electrifying.

What geocachers have to say:

“Nice! Love the gadget caches! Had to stop for this one on the way home to Illinois.” – supersteen

“Very nicely done and fun cache!!! TFTC!!!” – tabbikat

“Awesome cache! Well deserving of a favorite point! Thanks for a great cache!” – Mazzy Duck


What one of the geocache hiders, Hockeyhick , has to say:

I have always been a fan of thought-provoking puzzles, and geocaching certainly gives us all a chance to stretch out our brains as well as our legs. Additionally, my wife, Kerry (Cache-n-Kerry) cling to the mantra that a quality cache should either take you somewhere really cool, consist of a really cool puzzle, or a really cool container!
To be truthful, my inspiration for this cache humbly came from my good friend, Mike Sherwood (MSWahoo). He travels a lot for his job, and as a result, shares many tales of cool caches that he has found. He told me of the really cool hides that he found belonging to a cacher named Dayspring. After hearing about some of his caches, I wanted to try to give geocachers in our area some cool caching experiences, too. Having an electronic engineering background, a twisted sense of humor, and a shop full of “toys,” the sparks rally began to fly in the Hockeyhick Labs!
The original cache began as a 4-inch PVC pipe with the electric motor/gearbox inside, but sadly, someone decided that they wanted it more than I. After consulting with the property owner he encouraged me to make one that would be little more permanent than before. The housing is an electrical enclosure mounted to a fence post, with the pipe exiting the bottom, and a more maintenance-free motor doing the work inside. Adding in some limit switches has really helped to keep it running smoothly over time. Over all, it took about a weekend to build, but I tested it a lot, with various weights and conditions because I didn’t want to disappoint folks that come through the Upstate of South Carolina and detour just for this cache.
The results have been well received, and the real pleasure for me, as the cache owner, comes when we get those extremely nice email notifications! Knowing that our cache has brought so many smiles to fellow cachers gives great satisfaction. Also, we have seen that when you think that you have seen it all, someone else raises that bar a little bit higher, and in our area, that is no exception. We have since seen incredible cache ideas as a result, and they make me want to get even more creative!


Huzzah! The geocache!

Huzzah! The geocache!

You'll have to read the description for this one.

You’ll have to read the description for this one.

What was the last geocache that made you say “WOW!”? Tell your story and post photos in the comments.

Continue to explore some of the most engaging geocaches around the globe. Check out all the Geocaches of the Week on the Geocaching blog. If you would like to nominate a Geocache of the Week, just fill out this form. Thanks!

Supersize My Trackable – The Biggest of BIG (and weird) Trackables

What’s made of cement, has six legs, and Shrek’s face? 

You know you’re a geocacher if you answered, “Probably a trackable.” And you’d be right.



There’s something very special about a person who attaches Shrek ears and children’s shoes to a cinder block and tasks others with carrying that object from place to place. We like to think that special drive is what makes a geocacher a geocacher.

The willingness to be a little unusual, a little conspicuous, and sometimes downright weird seems to be common to geocachers. It’s an element that surfaces particularly with trackables. If you’re new to the game, a trackable is a game piece with a unique number. It commonly looks like a dog tag. These trackables are attached to hitchhikers (objects of various sorts), like the giant ones you’re about to see.

At some point, everyone—from the trackable obsessed to the fair-weather trackable logger—has gazed at a trackable and thought the following:

Ball of Yarn

How am I going to move this [loose ball of yarn]?



Where can I get one of these [humongous metal Travel Bug tags]?




There is no chance we’re going to be taking this [instrument of extreme noise].



Teddy bear

I’m taking a picture with a giant [teddy bear].



Car door

Where is the rest of [the vehicle to which this door was once attached]?


Why do trackables tend to be so weird? Because the world of trackables is so wide and has few limits to what can be made trackable, they are geocaching’s most widespread form of self-expression. Trackables tell stories about who we are and where we’re from. They travel the world when we can’t. They bring joy to people we’ll never meet.

But where to put the oversized, hilarious trackables you find? Check out these BIG caches and see if there’s one near you.


What’s the biggest, weirdest trackable you’ve ever moved?



5 Tips for Planning Your Next Vacation with Geocaching


geotour 2015 2


Go Geocaching Around the World


Geocachers love showing off their locations—that’s why geocaching is one of the best ways to discover new places. The next time you’re on a trip, try using one of these 5 tips to explore a destination through geocaching:

GeoTours – These are groups of geocaches that are curated by local organizations and Geocaching HQ. They’ll guide you through some of the best local spots, teach you about the area’s history and—of course—increase your find count! (Pro tip: With some GeoTours, you can even earn free prizes!)

Pocket Queries – Headed somewhere that doesn’t have cell signal? Geocaching Premium members can create downloadable lists of geocaches for offline use.

Multi-Caches – These multi-stage geocaches are often perfect methods for getting a short tour of a city.

Sort by Favorite Points — Geocaching Premium members can find the best geocaches in an area by using the new search and sort tools. Just search for geocaches in an area, then click on the “Favorites” column.

Meet the locals – Who better to show you local flavor than the geocachers who live there? Creating or attending an event in your destination is a perfect way to meet local geocachers. Use the geocache search to find events in your vacation destination.
What are your favorite tips for geocaching while on vacation? Leave us a comment below!

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