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Tips for Geocaching With Pups

By Dani Navarre

Your favorite geocaching companions

Your favorite geocaching companions

Nothing is better than geocaching with your best friend and who could be better than man’s best friend? Geocaching isn’t just a hobby for humans—your four-legged friends can join in on the fun too.

Coming home to slobbery kisses and a wagging tail is enough to brighten anyone’s day. Your dog waits patiently for you to return home, he hears the hum of the car engine, and bounds down the stairs to greet you at the door. He does so much for you and deserves a little treat. You can add a little color to your favorite canine’s grey day by putting a leash on that enthusiasm and heading out for some geocaches. Sounds like a walk in the park that earns more than one kind of smiley. As someone who has trained with scent detecting dogs, I know exactly how rewarding working with animals can feel. One of the most enjoyable parts is having a goal that you and your furry friend can work toward together. Whether you are practicing obedience training or just want to get out for some fresh air, geocaching can be a fun way to get all the members of your family (human and canine) outside.


Stellar geo-sense

Stellar geo-sense

So here are HQ’s top tips for geocaching pups:

  • Socialize at your local dog park. While your dog is having the time of his life, you could be catching a few smilies. Dog parks are a popular places to hide geocaches, so next time you are out take a look.

  • Is your dog an adventurous pup or does he make sloths look hyperactive? Be sure to choose caches that match your dog’s fitness level. If your dog is a trailblazer he may enjoy longer hikes with more challenging terrain, but if your dog is a couch potato an easy urban stroll might be a better match.

  • Turn your dog into a geocache. Has science gone too far? Don’t worry your pooch is safe, but he can become a trackable puppy with a geo dog tag. Your pup will enjoy all of the pets and your human friends will love the new trackable.

  • Sensitive puppy paws. Be aware of the geocache’s terrain. The summer heat and cement or metal surfaces can be a dangerous combination for your dog’s sensitive paw pads.

  • Carry water. Make sure you and your dog are hydrated to keep those tongues wagging.

  • A safe pup is a happy pup. Check to see that your dog’s vaccinations are up to date for tick and mosquito protection. A hike through the woods can make for a fun day…until you come home with a car full of ticks and one sad puppy.

  • Collars aren’t just a fashion trend. Local leash laws vary by city. Before you set Rover free to roam, check to see if a leash is required.


Geocaching with your dog can be fun for whole family. What’s your favorite geocaching animal story?


and they're fun!

and they’re fun!


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The Wild World of Underwater Geocaches

Taking the extreme plunge: underwater geocaching

For the extreme geocacher: underwater geocaching

Call me Geocache. Some time ago – never mind how long exactly – having little or no finds in my profile, and no particular geocaches to interest me on shore, I thought I would cache about a little and see the watery part of the T5 rating scale.*

What better way to fill out the Terrain rating on your Fizzy Grid than going underwater to find your caches? Grab your snorkel, SCUBA gear, and wet suits, then check out these awesome and inspiring underwater caches:

GC2W056 Hilma Hooker is located in Bonaire, just off the northern coast of Venezuela. The geocache is almost 30 meters (100 feet) underwater at an actual shipwreck. Some underwater caches have special paper and pencils to sign the log, but for this cache, you must write your name in the sand under the yardarm of the ship’s main mast. 

Finding the cache

Going for the dive cache!

Gotta look out for muggles when “signing” the log

Hilma Hooker sank on September 12, 1984

Hilma Hooker sank on September 12, 1984

Another idyllic underwater SCUBA cache is GC4BAC0 Kittiwake in the Cayman Islands. As the geocache description says: 

The ex-USS Kittiwake was a Submarine Rescue vessel (ASR-13). She was part of the 6th Submarine squadron (SUBRON 6) home ported at the Destroyer-Submarine piers in Norfolk, VA. She was transferred from MARAD to the Cayman Islands Government in August 2009 and was cleaned and remediated in Norfolk, Virginia to become an artificial reef. This included substantial work including the removal of all hazardous materials (like pcb’s, asbestos, mercury, cabling, wires, oils, lubricants and a very long list). Additionally, all thin or loose materials that could break off during or soon after sinking were removed. The Kittiwake is possibly the ‘cleanest’ wreck ever to be sunk as an artificial reef. 

Aha! GC4BAC0 Kittiwake has been found!

Aha! GC4BAC0 Kittiwake has been found!

Found it! Now time to sign the log.

Now time to sign the log.

Oh the things you'll see and do while SCUBAcaching!

Oh the things you’ll see and do while SCUBAcaching!

Did you know there are freshwater lake sharks in Germany? Well, not technically, but there is a fake shark 30 meters (98 feet) below the surface near
GCNQ40 Horka – Pumpenhaus. (You gotta admit that you were taken aback the first time you looked at these photos…) This Virtual Cache is, “…the cache owner’s revenge for all the climbing caches, which [he] will never reach.” 

GCNQ40 Horka - Pumpenhaus

SHARK!!!! Oh, it’s only GCNQ40 Horka – Pumpenhaus

The shark was impaled by a... huge steak knife?

Everyone’s safe. The shark was impaled by… a huge steak knife?

This is the beautiful location for this underwater cache

The deepest geocache on Earth is a small plastic horse on the seafloor, some
 2300 meters (2515 yards) down. GCG822 Rainbow Hydrothermal Vents was placed by Lord British, who is also responsible for the highest geocache located on the International Space Station. Oddly, the geocache in space has been found by a couple of astronaut cachers, but the one on our own planet has yet to be found. Per the underwater geocache description:

For the record, this geocache is real, and can be found… Scientific study of high temperature bacteria and anaerobic life forms are subsidised by taking tourists to the vents. I have visited them twice myself. With 10-30 people visiting a year, I presume one will be a geocacher like me… sooner or later!

GCG822 Rainbow Hydrothermal Vents

GCG822 Rainbow Hydrothermal Vents was placed using the Russian Mir Submersibles

But what if you don’t have all that fancy scuba gear or deep water submersibles? Well, we have a couple of other options for you. 

Head over to GC3KG2M Father Thames & The Mermaid (AS TIDES GOES BY) in London, England and wait for the tide to go out. This geocache currently has 387 Favorite points, and you can see why; it’s clever and takes you to a memorable location. 

GC3KG2M  Father Thames & The Mermaid (AS TIDES GOES BY) is only accessible at low tide

Father Thames & The Mermaid (AS TIDES GOES BY) is only accessible at low tide

London Low Tide Truck TB

London Low Tide Truck TB

I think I found it!

I think I found it!

We got one last geocache that may, ahem, float your boat. GC2H5GD Winnepesauke bumblebee scuba is located about 400 feet from the shore and about 35 feet below the surface. This geocache is available year round by diving in the summer, and ice fishing in the winter. Really depends on your perspective on what’s more difficult. 

GC2H5GD in the summer

GC2H5GD in the summer

GC2H5GD in the winter

GC2H5GD in the winter

Again, GC2H5GD in the summer

Again, GC2H5GD in the summer

Again, GC2H5GD in the winter (the container was updated since the summer...!)

Again, GC2H5GD in the winter!

Have you ever found a geocache underwater? How was it, or what’s holding you back from obtaining this type of cache? Tell us in the comments below!

*Deepest apologies to Herman Melville for this complete and very pathetic rip off of the opening passage to Moby Dick

Kunsthof reloaded (GCNRZK) — Geocache of the Week

PicMonkey Collage

Geocache Name:

Kunsthof reloaded (GCNRZK) by willimax

Difficulty/Terrain Rating:


Why this is the Geocache of the Week:

This geocache is hidden within the Kunsthof Arcade: a small, quiet group of connected courtyards in the middle of Dresden, Germany. The facades of the buildings, which were designed by local artists, might stop you in your tracks. One wall is bright yellow and dotted with warped sheets of gold metal that play tricks with the sunlight. The other wall is bright blue and criss-crossed with metal pipes that funnel water to and fro. Every half hour (rain or shine) water drips down through and along the drains and gutters, and onlookers are treated to a concert of the elements. They call it the wall that plays music. This cache is the perfect example of a hide that brings you to a unique and interesting part of town, which you might never have otherwise found.

What geocachers have to say:

“Beim heutigen ersten Besuch in Dresden, hier angehalten und das Versteck gesucht. Ohne GC hätte ich diesen schönes Platz sicherlich nicht gefunden. Daher ein großes Danke fürs Herführen. TFTC.” –Siggihentsch
Searched for this hide today on my first visit to Dresden. Without this geocache I would definitely never have found this nice spot. For that, a big thank you for placing the cache here. TFTC.

“Der Cache hat mich an eine Stelle geführt, die ich sonst nicht gefunden hätte. Es war schön, dass der Cache schnell zu finden war. So hatte ich noch genug Zeit, mich hier mal etwas umzuschauen.” –KRUMGmbH
This cache brought me to a place that I wouldn’t have otherwise found. It was good that the cache was a quick find, because it left me enough time to explore the area a bit.

Dieses war das zweite Döslein auf unserer heutigen Runde durch die Neustadt. Dank des Hinweises konnte es schnell gefunden werden und beim Loggen haben wir zugesehen, wie das Wasser durch all die Rohre plätscherte…. Danke und viele Grüße aus Leipzig!” –.Schattenkind.
This was the second cache on our trip through the city. Thanks to the description the cache was found quickly, and while we were logging it we were able to watch the water gurgle through the pipes… Thank you and greetings from Leipzig!”



a74fa40b-0526-4e79-be72-221a6086e410 PicMonkey Collage



What’s the best piece of interesting artwork you’ve found while ‘caching? Post your photos and stories in the comments.


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