Real inspiration for Virtual Caches: part two

There have already been over 764 Virtual Caches published in 52 countries since August 24, 2017 when Virtual Rewards were introduced! Part one of this series focused on Virtuals that already existed, but this time we’re featuring new Virtual Caches from around the world.

Join us on a virtual trip around the world!

Natural or Historic

The reward for finding a Virtual Cache is the location itself and sharing stories about your visit. That’s why natural or historic spots make such great ‘hiding’ places. The caches below feature a historic town square and a bridge that when built in 1928, was the longest suspension bridge in the world.

GC7B7F7 Le pont de Grand-Mère (Quebec, CA)
GC7BA25 2017/18 : RENNES – La Mairie (Bretagne, France)

  • GC7B7F7

Remote adventures

Perhaps you’re looking for something off the beaten path. If so, these new Virtual Caches might be at the top of your list. Speaking of top, how about a Virtual on the summit of Mount Fuji in Japan? It’s the country’s tallest peak and also an active volcano! Another option is to explore a collection of natural and man-made rock features. Explore caves, secret passageways, and more at this Virtual Cache.

GC7B78T Top of The Mount (Shizouka, Japan)
GC7BA48 Rowtor Rocks (East Midlands, UK)

  • GC7BA48


As part of earning your smiley, Virtual Caches often supply you with tasks to complete. For the caches below, tour a quarry to learn about the history of the miners and soldiers. Or head to South Africa to explore a garden created to supply passing trading ships with fresh produce!

GC7B9EZ Below Above (Southern England, UK)
GC7B764 Company’s Garden (Western Cape, South Africa)

  • GC7B9EZ


Any Harry Potter fans out there? This quirky Virtual Cache takes you on a journey around Denver, Colorado to view eclectic locations “not commonly known to the muggle kind.” If relaxation and small oasis’ are calling to you then set your sights on Germany for a Virtual Cache that takes you on a three kilometer tour to several sculptures and parks!

GC7B8GQ Ordinary Wizarding Levels (O.W.L.s) (Colorado, USA)
GC7B974 Entspannungs-Oasen in Pößneck (Thüringen, Germany)

  • GC7B8GQ

Which Virtual Cache are you most excited to find?