The most Favorited Traditional Caches on each continent

These are the most Favorited Traditional Caches on each continent! A Traditional Cache is the original type of geocache and the most common. It consists of a container with a logbook and is located at the posted coordinates. Don’t let this fool you though, Traditional Caches can range in difficulty due to cache containers in all sizes and sneaky hiding spots.

This is the fifth in a series about the most Favorited geocaches on each continent. Stay tuned next month for our next article, and be sure to check out the previous installments of the most Favorited Mysteries, Virtuals, Multi-Caches, and EarthCaches

South Africa
Table Mountain Travel Bug Hotel, GC31WXR
Difficulty (D) 1  / Terrain (T) 1

Located on top of Cape Town’s iconic Table Mountain, this cache is quite the attraction with breathtaking views, rich history, and a Travel Bug hotel. Geocachers can hike up the mountain or take a cable car to get to this safe and secure cache, which requires a code to be opened! 

Image by Adventure_T

Base-A Port Lockroy, GC4TM62
D1.5 / T3.5

Located on a natural harbor on Wiencke Island just off of the Antarctic peninsula, Port Lockroy is now a museum and post office operated by the United Kingdom Antarctic Heritage Trust. Previously a British base, Port Lockroy is now home to a colony of gentoo penguins and a highly favorited geocache!

Image by Ananasbirne

Butterfly Garden @ Changi Airport T3 Transit, GC1HA96
D1 / T1

Dappled with natural sunlight from a huge wall of windows, the garden is filled with over two hundred species of tropical plants, 47 species of butterflies, a cascading waterfall, and warm humid air. You’ll hardly know you’re in an airport at all! 

Image by Eule1405

New Zealand
Geocache by Kevin Anderson (Wellington), GC46
D1 / T1

With a GC code like GC46, you know this is an old geocache. Placed May 26, 2000, finding this geocache will fill the very first square in your Jasmer Challenge. If that’s not reason enough to go, you’ll enjoy amazing landscapes and lush flora on the way to this geocache. 

Image by fleuchi

Lego – einer ist zuviel, GC13Y2Y
D2.5 / T1

The hunt for this cache requires a level of stealth as the bustling Berlin sidewalk is often crowded with muggles. Located at the entrance to the Legoland Discovery Center, don’t let the Difficulty 2.5, Terrain 1 rating trick you into thinking this is an easy find!

Image by Don Schnulli 

North America
United States
Original Stash Tribute Plaque, GCGV0P
D1 / T1.5

This is where it all began. On May 3, 2000, a five-gallon bucket was placed right at this very spot by Dave Ulmer. The original cache container was damaged, but TEAM 360 and other concerned geocachers recognized the importance of the event that happened here and dedicated this Original Stash Tribute Plaque on behalf of cachers everywhere.

Image by 206sirenjunkie

South America
GeoTour: Mirante (viewpoint), GC3W4FW
D2 / T4

This geocache is a part of the A.P.E. Brasil GeoTour (GT99) which takes you on an adventure among caves, waterfalls, and trails. This cache in particular is known for its amazing views, which makes sense since it’s one of the highest points in the region and takes some effort to reach!

Image by MirekaOne

Do you have a favorite Traditional Cache you’ve found, or one that is at the top of your list to find? Share below in the comments!