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Colorado’s South Park GeoTour

      GeoTour: Colorado’s South Park Location: South Park, Colorado Number of Favorite Points: 385   Why South Park is a great place to visit: South Park offers world class recreation opportunities and a true wilderness experience. Activities include gold medal fishing, hiking some of the tallest peaks in the continental United States, and endless mountain bike and 4×4 trails. Best time of year to visit: Beat the heat and visit in the summer when highs are usually in the 70s. In July, there’s an annual Burro Days, music and arts festival, and the Park County Fair! Must-see attractions: Get lost in South […]

GeoTours Deliver More Fun With Favorites

Blog post by Geocaching HQ Business Development Coordinator Meg Hatch (Username: Ponystream).  Looking for ways to earn that first shiny Fun with Favorites souvenir now that the Geocaching Road Trip ‘15 is finally here? Well we’ve got an insider tip for you: try a GeoTour! GeoTours are special collections of caches designed to take geocachers like you on an awesome journey through interesting places such as a town or city, a park, or even the Kennedy Space Center. Not only do GeoTours guide you through a cool destination, but they will also take you to some pretty cool, highly favorited […]

Die erste GeoTour in den Niederlanden ist veröffentlicht

Eine Runde mit 24 traditionellen Geocaches lädt zu einer mehrtägigen Entdeckungsreise ein. Diese offizielle internationale GeoTour ist die erste GeoTour in den Niederlanden! Die ‘Garden of Amsterdam GeoTour‘ bringt Dich zu den schönsten Sehenswürdigkeiten der Region Gooi & Vecht: beeindruckende Burgen, alte Festungstädte und die herrlichsten Naturgebiete, sowie die Gooise Brinkdörfer und eine Anzahl alter Kastelle. Die GeoTour ist ein Geocaching-Spiel, in dem Du Punkte in einem speziellen Pass sammeln kannst. Wenn Du die benötigten Punkte hast, kannst Du eine `GeoCoin‘ – ein toller Preis für einen Geocacher – gewinnen (solange der Vorrat reicht). GeoTour-Teilnehmer, die in einem der Cafés […]

5 Tips for Planning Your Next Vacation with Geocaching

    Go Geocaching Around the World   Geocachers love showing off their locations—that’s why geocaching is one of the best ways to discover new places. The next time you’re on a trip, try using one of these 5 tips to explore a destination through geocaching: – GeoTours – These are groups of geocaches that are curated by local organizations and Geocaching HQ. They’ll guide you through some of the best local spots, teach you about the area’s history and—of course—increase your find count! (Pro tip: With some GeoTours, you can even earn free prizes!) – Pocket Queries – Headed […]

Want a Reward for Finding Geocaches? Keep Reading…

My name is Rock Chalk and I’m addicted to GeoTours and geotrails which offer rewards. Whew. That feels better. Now that I’ve admitted my problem, perhaps I can persuade you to follow me into a realm where one can earn geocoins and other prizes, just for finding geocaches. (As if finding geocaches isn’t rewarding enough!) I currently work at Geocaching HQ in Seattle. But long before joining the team here, I discovered my passion for GeoTours and geotrails. GeoTours and reward geotrails are collections of geocaches that take cachers on a tour of a specific area. They’re often sponsored by local […]

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